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  1. Sjbiss

    Optimum online stores

    I believe the second one is the new Opti Coat website, they upgraded earlier this year.
  2. Sjbiss

    Emblem install & Gloss Coat

    Thanks. I'm not sure what is more impressive....the Billet Badge America Flag emblem or the Gloss Coat gloss 🙂
  3. Thanks Ron, appreciate the response. This is the response I would have expected. I love Hyper Seal but I love to tinker just as much 🙂
  4. Any ever compare Beadmaker to Hyperseal? I currently use Hyperseal but do find all the hype around Beadmaker tempting. I have Gloss Coat not Opti Coat.
  5. Hi, looking to add a custom emblem to the side of my Jeep JK. I have Gloss Coat on the vehicle and am wondering if I need to remove it from the area so the 3M tape will hold? If I do need to remove it, will a polish and foam pad do the job or do I need to compound? I have a Porter Cable 7424xp DA. thanks as always for the help.
  6. Sjbiss

    Opti Glass Coating

    Hi, looking to apply Opti Glass coating, can you do multiple layers and, if so, how long between coats? thanks
  7. Sjbiss

    My (mostly) Optimum Day (s)

    Really impressed with Gloss Coat. Looks even better after 24hrs
  8. Sjbiss

    My (mostly) Optimum Day (s)

    Yeah, the defects in my garage walls really come
  9. Full detail of my 2012 JK, looks pretty good for a 7 year old ride. Actually, looks better than it ever has. Cleaned tires with Power Clean, took about 5 treatments of straight PC to remove all the brown using a stiff bristled brush. Manually applied 2 coats of Optimum Tire Protection Coating to all 5 tires. 35” Mickey Thompson ATZ P3’s. Heck of an arm workout. Washed truck with ONR using Opti Clean as a pre soak. Washed with Power Clean foamed 5:1 in IK. Agitated with wash mitt, just can’t make the leap to use the wheel and body brush on my soft black paint. Mechanical decon with Optimum Clay Mitt using Ferrex as clay lube. Polished with Opt Compound II and finished with Meguires M210. I just couldn’t get Polish II or Finishing Polish to work well on my paint. M210 is impressive. Wiped down twice with Opt Paint Prep. Really surprised and impressed by the slickness it adds. Applied Gloss Coat x 2 to the paint. OMG application was easy. It really is easier than a wax or even a quick detail spray for that matter. Waited 1 hour and applied Opti Seal. Never used this before, applied just like Gloss Coat. Too bad Optimum doesn’t make flowers for me to buy my wife, she is giving me the look given the amount of time I have spent in the garage. All in all, very happy with every product used. Pic attached.
  10. Sjbiss

    Ferrex on Twill Soft Top

    Thanks Ron.
  11. Sjbiss

    Gloss Coat re-invented?

    The filling ability looks interesting. Haven’t seen GC or any coating marketing that as a key feature. I’m applying GC Thursday.
  12. Sjbiss

    Ferrex on Twill Soft Top

    Hi, Is Ferrex safe for Twill soft tops or is there special care I need to take? I won't be spraying ferrex on the top directly but am concerned about overspray. I have a Jeep Premium top. Thanks
  13. Sjbiss


    Tip for those with complex tire treads to get an even coat. Work the product into the tough parts first and then do a final coat over the full tire. This way you the treads are coated with the first application and the second coat is focused on evening the product. Seemed to work for me on the subsequent tires
  14. Sjbiss


    My first tire with this coating. Generally easy to use, a few uneven spots but probably used too much product trying to get into the all the grooves of my off road tires. Can really only see under the bright LED lights in my garage. Doing it by hand is quite the arm workout on 35" tires.
  15. Sjbiss


    Great, thank you!