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  1. Any tips for apply this to mud tires with deep treads? I plan on using a hvlp gun.
  2. Sjbiss

    Optimum Compound Hazing

    Thanks A&J!
  3. Sjbiss

    Optimum Compound Hazing

    Hi everyone, Fairly inexperienced polisher, have only done it a few times with good results using a Porter Cable 7424xp and Meg 105 & 205. Decided to try the Optimum compound and polish II combo and it also worked well but I noticed the compound left a bit more haziness than I was used to getting with M105. It cleaned up with a couple passes of polish II and took a bit more effort to get a clean finish. Wondering if this is normal, if I need to change my technique or I used to aggressive of a pad. I used a Meg foam red cutting disk because I have lots of them on hand and a Meg foam yellow polish disk for polish II. My question is, should I expect a good amount of haze after the Optimum compound, should I use a less aggressive pad or did do I need to change my process? I primed the pad, used used 4 pea sized dots and did 4-6 slow passes on speed 5 (basically the Junkmans process if you have ever watched his vids). The polish didn't seem to break down as much as M105 or M205 so maybe I didn't work it long enough?? My paint is generally in good condition with only micro marring that can only be seen with a flashlight but there are a handful of spots that will need to be compounded so I want to get my technique down. Thanks as always for your help.
  4. Sjbiss

    Big Red Sponge

    Just got my big gold sponge today, it is soaking in ONR waiting for my Saturday wash. Can't wait to give it a try.
  5. Sjbiss

    Clear Coat Restorer

    Awesome, now I will have no choice but to but it 🙂
  6. Sjbiss

    Clear Coat Restorer

    This product looks amazing, can't wait to try it. Do you need to apply on a full panel or can you do "spot" fixes?
  7. Sjbiss

    MDR frozen

    Great, thank you!
  8. Sjbiss

    MDR frozen

    Hi, Ordered MDR and it froze on my front porch before I could pick it up, tough Buffalo winter. It thawed fine but I’m concerned about the impact to the product performance. Will it perform OK or should I order a new bottle in the spring. Appreciate your insight. thanks
  9. Sjbiss

    Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    Will the Meguires also work with Gloss Coat without harming the coating?
  10. Sjbiss

    Why Gloss Coat?

    Thanks Ron!
  11. Sjbiss

    Why Gloss Coat?

    I read somewhere that two coats also helps with gloss. Unless it will do harm, I will do two coats because I really enjoy the process and it gives me comfort that I got good coverage. Another quick question: How many coating removal towels do I need? Do I need to flip the towel after each 2x2 section because the coating will start to harden?
  12. Sjbiss

    Why Gloss Coat?

    Getting ready to place my order and have 2 more questions. I have a 4D Jeep Wrangler soft top, is 20cc enough for 2 coats? The fenders and numbers are textured plastic, can GC be applied to these or is there another product I should look at? Thanks again
  13. Sjbiss

    Why Gloss Coat?

    Thanks guys, your answers are really helpful. I think I will go with Gloss Coat. Any idea why other companies don’t use SiC? All the other coatings seem promote the Sio2 content.
  14. Sjbiss

    Why Gloss Coat?

    Hi Everyone, I’m planning on coating my car this spring for the first time. I currently use ONR, Power Clean and Opti Seal and am torn between Gloss Coat and Cquartz UK. I like Gloss Coat because of the ease of application and the optimum synergy but UK seems to be highly rated by the YouTube reviewers for hydrophobics and self cleaning. It also seems like Gloss Coat hasn’t been updated in a few years. I drive a black vehicle and my primary purpose for wanting a coating is to help against marring, self cleaning and, of course, gloss. Hoping you can help me choose by giving me the reasons to choose OGC. Thanks for your help.
  15. Sjbiss

    SEMA 2018

    Any update on Clear Coat Restorer launch date?