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  1. Hi, My infotainment screen had a ton of swirls from the previous owner. I went to a detail shop who swears by optimum products and did a light polish to remove as many swirls as safely possible. Afterwords the tech said he is going to apply some glass protect product, I am assuming it was Opti-glass as that is what they have applied to my SUV's glass all over and I saw these high spots all around the edges of the screen. I posted a picture of what I see in some decent lighting and have put a red marking around the area. I'm not sure if it is indeed a high spot, or if something else has happened during the polishing of the screen. What I have marked in the attached image is all around the edges of the screen and does not go over the LED screen portion itself.
  2. jasbir204

    ONR QD Ratio

    Hey guys, I've been going through quite a few threads and I found two different ratio's for the quick detailer mixture with ONR. I found the following: 1OZ ONR to 16OZ water 1OZ ONR to 32OZ water 8OZ ONR to 1 gallon water 10OZ ONR to 1 gallon water Which mixtures are correct??
  3. jasbir204

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    Oh weird, Ron had mentioned earlier in this thread to use 1:16 dilution for a quick detailer. Yeah I think step 3 is most likely unnecessary, but in my mind extra lubrication may not hurt especially as I figure things out and get a proper method in place.
  4. jasbir204

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    I'm going to wash using Detail Mutant's method tomorrow or Friday as it seems to be the most reliable and safe one from what I've seen so far from someone who experiences winter like I do, but because I'm a beginner user I'm going to add a step or two just until I'm fully confident in the technique. This is my slightly modified method at a coin op 1. Pre-soak using the 1OZ to 16OZ solution as Ron noted (we had a hot spell and the bumper and rocker panels are really dirty, need the extra power), but my hand held sprayer is 1.5L in size so I'm going to fill it up to just under 1L mark and add 2OZ of ONR to make the QD solution (I think that's the proper dilution) 2. Rinse off with a pressure washer 3. Pre-soak the first two panels that I'm going to wash with regular diluted ONR to add some lubrication , and as I move further I will pre-soak the next panel and so on. 4. Clean with BRS and dry using hyper seal panel by panel As I get comfortable I may reduce steps but I think this would be the most fail proof in reducing marring etc. as long my washing and drying technique is proper.
  5. jasbir204

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    Hey guys, How long can dirt, sand, salt etc from melted snow on roads stay on before it becomes a hazard? Everything melted today and it's going to be hot for a few days so I'm not sure if it has to be washed off ASAP or if I can wash it in a few days.
  6. jasbir204

    Optimum No Rinse Frozen!!

    Canada, actually hit -53C with the windchill today
  7. jasbir204

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    Noted, thanks!
  8. jasbir204

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    Another question for yourself. When washing using the BRS I will be going one panel at a time. In the summer with high heat and humidity, should I spray on the Hyper Seal and dry immediately? I'm assuming in a wash bay where temperature is ok I could wash all panels (cleaning the sponge prior to moving to the next panel) and then dry the SUV all at once.
  9. jasbir204

    Optimum No Rinse Frozen!!

    In the past week its been -40C here (converts to -40F ironically) so I should've expected that to happen, but was still shocked when it did haha.
  10. jasbir204

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    Just got the SUV back and my god the shine is unreal!
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    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    In Manitoba they use tons of sand and salt in the winter and it really doesn't clean up 100% through the summer so dirt buildup still happens. I may wash weekly so I don't have to use the car wash soap, but it wouldn't hurt if I foamed it onto the car and rinsed it off prior to the ONR method right?
  14. I got Optimum No Rinse delivered and the UPS guy left it on my front door step. I brought it inside and it turned into slush!!!! It's thawed out now but I'm not sure if it's safe to use or if I should get rid of it and buy some more
  15. jasbir204

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    Hi, I was wondering if you use the same method in the summer? I am going to use your method for the winter and in the summer I was thinking about starting with the Optimum Car Wash as a pre-soak (I have a foam cannon for my pressure washer), wash it all off and then continuing on with the rest of your method.