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  1. MLGinger

    Gloss Coat Slickness

    Thanks for clearing up my misconceptions, I have always associated gloss with a level of paint slickness, but if the paint is glossy and offering great protection then who cares about slickness. I was just worried that I didn't apply it properly. I don't think I will hide the coating with some extra wax or sealant on top of it. I will just let Gloss Coat work as intended.
  2. MLGinger

    Gloss Coat Slickness

    So I installed Gloss Coat Friday night and let it cure over night. I topped it with Opti seal this morning, even after adding Opti seal my paint doesn't seem very slick, just really smooth. I did all the basic decontamination and paint correction and prepped the panel with paint prep. Does it take the full week to get slick or did I not apply it properly? My car is silver and my garage lighting wasn't ideal for checking the cross-linking of the the coating after I applied it so I just waited 1-2 minutes after each panel was coated to wipe it off/level the coating. So areas towards the start of me applying gloss coat didn't probably get the full time needed, but I tried to go back over those areas after I was done.