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  1. axxel6307

    Did my installer compromise my coat?

    He and his employee began on the car around 12pm and I drove away around 5pm. Should I be concerned?
  2. axxel6307

    Did my installer compromise my coat?

    Also, I'd like to wipe off the rain spots. How should I do that while in my 7 day wash restriction window? Or just leave it?
  3. axxel6307

    Did my installer compromise my coat?

    Thank you A&J. Any comment regards use of standard brush car washes?
  4. Just had the opti coat pro installed and since rain was on the forecast, he applied optiseal over it and said it was ok for rain exposure. I drove it home in the rain about an hour after the ceramic coat was installed. It did not receive any sun exposure to help cure, as it was in his garage all day. I also did NOT hand dry it when I got home. I let it air dry. Will my ceramic life be shortened or compromised? Also, I believe I read on that standard brush car washes are ok with this, but every pro detailer says it's not. Which is it? Thanks.
  5. axxel6307

    New customer from NYC

    Just had my Honda crv ceramic coated and had a couple questions I am going to post. Thanks.