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  1. Thanks, so it might have been the clay bar then? i guess I messed up the wash process. would this steps be better? 1-decon the paint with iron remover 2-rinse 3- wash with soap/ONR or just ONR 256/1 4- clay bar with ONR 64/1 5-wash with ONR 256/1 6-dry 7-apply sealant would ONR on step 5 be just fine to remove any possible clay bar left over or would I need something stronger?
  2. Hi, i have read different things, Some people say you don’t have to other to use alcohol. I used one of the current popular sealant but did not notice great beading i used iron remover then washed the car with soap , rinse, then re rinse with ONR 1/64 ratio to prevent water spots, ONR with clay bar dried the paint and then applied sealant but the beading don’t look great. The sealant is a different brand no polymers. thank you.