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  1. So, I had my new car coated with Opti-Coat Pro Plus by a local/authorized detail shop. Actually, I had the hood, bumpers, and front fenders protected with XPEL and the rest of the car coated with OCP+. The car was just a week old and had been in the garage waiting for an appointment, so the paint should have been in decent condition. Maintenance of the coating is something of a mystery. The detail shop recommends a waterless wash, but I plan to do a couple times a month application of Options-Coat No Rinse with the Big Yellow Sponge and then use Hyperseal as the drying aid. I assume I can use the OCNR and Hyperseal on the XPEL without any issues. And, I have another vehicle with a dealer-applied Cilajet coating that I plan to use the same products to clean. I am missing a quick detailing option, but I assume I can dilute the OCNR into a spray bottle and use that? Or would I use Hyperseal as a quick detailing spray? Is there another product that is intended for quick detailing an Option-Coat Pro Plus coating? I am confused about the Option-Coat M Wash and the Power clean products? Where do they fit into a maintenance process for my coating? It seems that maybe every six months the Ferrex product can be use for decontamination or should it be used more often? My original goat with the coating is easier maintenance than clay bar, wash, polish, wax. I am too old to do that, but using OCNR and Hyperseal every couple weeks is ok.