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  1. i primarily use power clean to clean my wheels is it more efficient or effective to use it in a foamer or a conventional sprayer?
  2. darrvao777

    power clean vs opti clean

    i came across a rag company video where levi and yvan are using opti clean to clean a wheel am i correct in assuming opti clean is a milder solution for wheels that aren’t as dirty? and that for a daily driver with abundant brake dust that power clean would still be the preferred solution? thanks!
  3. darrvao777

    Opti-Seal Q&A

    i’m assuming that because opti seal can be used as a drying aid that it adds significant lubricity to the paint when wiping with a microfiber ? if i’m making a final drying pass around the car after cleaning, can i use opti seal as a lubricating agent to wipe down any areas with leftover moisture? or should i be using a product like optimums instant detailer and gloss enhancer for the final touchup wipedowns ?
  4. darrvao777


    i think you are overthinking this i also have a japanese sports hatchback with abundant brake dust for the wheels, i foam with power clean diluted 1:3 i rinse it off with onr diluted 1:16 i agitate using a brush/mf and onr in a bucket diluted 1:256 simple effective solution
  5. darrvao777

    First time opti seal

    i find you’ll get longer lasting results with your method a more efficient method (especially if you wash frequently) is to use ONRWW and opti seal as a drying aid
  6. darrvao777

    Why use ONR vs ONR with the wax

    I agree with the mental part and that's why I stick with ONRWW I use Bead Maker as a LSP / drying aid and it seems to play well with almost everything so I don't worry about the little bit of carnauba in ONRWW This might be in my head but I'll have to pay attention to this. I also use ONR / ONRWW in a iK sprayer almost as a quick detailer spray or pre-soak spray. For some reason, it feels like regular ONR shoots out of the sprayer more easily than ONRWW. It's something I'll have to pay attention to as I alternate between the two products currently.
  7. darrvao777

    Yvan Retiring?

  8. darrvao777

    Yvan Retiring?

    I think he announced it directly on his Facebook page
  9. darrvao777

    ONR to remove power clean (not rinsing)

    happy to report it worked powerclean 1:10 in an iK foamer rinsed off with onr 1:16 in an iK sprayer agitated with body and wheel brush dipped in onr 1:256 agitated with brs (dedicated to wheels only) dipped in onr 1:256 agitated with soaking wet microfiber dipped in onr 1:256 one spritz of opti seal dried with wringed out microfiber from above wheels are clean, no damage to my gloss black aluminum wheels, hose/pressure washer/deionizer combo has decommissioned for the time being 🙂
  10. darrvao777

    ONR to remove power clean (not rinsing)

    thanks for the quick replies, i’ve got my next wash coming up friday (weekly) so i’ll update everyone 🙂 it would be nice to do almost everything without rinsing !
  11. darrvao777

    ONR to remove power clean (not rinsing)

    interesting topic i wanted to revisit would it be possible to use power clean at a 10:1 ratio to clean wheels and tires then use a sprayer with onr and the wheel brush dipped in ONR to finish the job and eliminate rinsing altogether? thanks!
  12. darrvao777

    BRS - Rinse with a hose.

    I kind of do it the other way around I mix 2 oz of ONR to 32 oz of water in the foam cannon and spray that all over the car first to start emulsifying and encapsulating dirt (knowing that as water starts propelling that mixture it will dilute it down even further) Then I rinse the car off using deionized water and bring it into the garage From there I start the traditional ONR process with the BRS. I find with that process that my car is never “too dirty” for ONR and I can come back to the wash process at a later time (e.g. pre soak and rinse while there is still light outside and then i can can resume washing the next day or later that night in the comfort of my garage after all the rug rats have gone to bed, allows me to break up the washing process into smaller pieces)
  13. darrvao777

    BRS - Rinse with a hose.

    Same here, I put ONR in my foam cannon just to more easily pre-rinse the vehicle Then I do a 1 bucket ONR wash with the BRS I prefer it much more than the traditional two bucket car wash with soap (I get to work in my air-conditioned garage, I don't have to worry about the suds of the soap flying everywhere like I do with regular car shampoo/soap, and I dip a clean MF in the ONR solution before I get started to clean my interior too)
  14. darrvao777

    ONR to remove power clean (not rinsing)

    If you want to play it safe you can use Opti clean instead I find that to be really helpful when there’s a persistent spot of tar or bug guts that onr can’t get rid of
  15. darrvao777

    BRS - Rinse with a hose.

    You can, I use the one bucket method personally but I would think dunking and wringing in a second rinse bucket would be easier than hosing off each time