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  1. Saibot

    Drying Aids and Dilution

    Thanks, Lowejackson! I was going to use Power Clean, diluted 3:1 in my IK foamer to strip off everything that's on there now and rinse. ONR wash and look for/remove any sap/tar and remove. Then...we'll here's where where get a little fuzzy on what's next. I thought about using Hyper Seal as my drying aid, then follow up with OCW. I really love the look and slickness of the OCW. Is there any benefit of using Hyper Seal under OCW? I'm not sure if they layer or not. I noticed that other products simply displace the previous layer(s), so it's kind of a waste of time to add multiple products, or even multiple layers (like wax for example). But the Optimum line seems to defy a lot of those guidelines. I also hear some people adding the Instant Detailer on top of everything else, which seems excessive. But I guess it's worth asking, does it displace previous layers of Hyper Seal or OCW? Does it add anything in terms of gloss? It seems like we're hitting diminishing returns here, but again, I thought I'd challenge my assumptions and ask the experts. Thanks for the help!
  2. Saibot

    Drying Aids and Dilution

    Thanks for the quick reply, No Soap! I plan on stripping everything off and giving it a good deep clean before winter and want to be sure I protect it for the season. So if I use OCW for example, as my drying aid, it sounds like it'll be lighter than applying it on a dry surface. Sounds obvious, right? But who knows with Optimum products. The stuff is kind of magic and I really can't assume anything that Dr. G cooks up. (Man, I have so many questions! What I wouldn't give to have lunch with Yvan and Dr. G.)
  3. If I use Hyperseal or OCW as a drying aid, does the water on the car dilute the product and reduce its efficacy?
  4. Saibot

    Optimum Tire Coating and Gloss?

    Thank you, Ron! I'll try going lighter next time and see if that works. Also, would diluting it change the gloss level when applying with a MF applicator?
  5. I recent picked up a bottle of Optimum Tire Coating to try out and used it on our Explorer. I did not dilute it and applied with a MF applicator as directed, and it does seem to work as advertised. My only complaint is that it seems much too glossy. I really prefer the matte finish on tires and was curious if there was a way to make the next application less glossy through the application process or via dilution? Any other tips to get the protection without looking so "Armor-All-y"? Now if I can just keep my wife from curbing the stuff off...