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  1. I'm slowly warming up to ONR but quickly got scared a little bit in the drying process. I'm using ONR with multiple microfibers that I do not re-introduce into bucket. Usually in summer a do a normal 2 bucket wash and soak my drying towel (Chemical Guys gray matter) in water and ring it out, then do 2-3 sprays on it of beadmaker and another 2-3 sprays on the pannel I dry. Now with ONR, my towel is dry but I spray about 5 sprays of beadmaker on it then 2-3 on the pannel. One thing I kinda didn't like was that in some cases I could see still a bit of dirt inside of bubbles or like some dirty water, I wasn't to sure if it was ok to go over it or not, I did but I'm sure I probably shouldn't have. Instead should've done a another pass with a cleaning microfiber that I used before but oh well. That said, my question is, should I maybe opt for a plushier drying towel for cases like these where they could safely remove that dirt or what you all recommend I do differently. For some context, here is what car looks like when dirty, as you can see I only had enough towels for my first time to do half the car and roof and hood and trunk , next time I'll add more towels lol! Note I also do a ONR pre soak.
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    Does ONR freeze as easy as water?

    I went to a manual wash yesterday and while all worked perfectly it was honnestly stressfull because if a car comes in they want me to get out. I will try again but outside after hours when no one is there. But then I'll be outside. But filling my bucket at home with hot warm water should work well. My only worry is drying but then again if ONR doesn't get fully dried perfectly it's not like car soap and should be fine right.
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    ONR Definitive Thread

    Yeah for this winter I am thinking doing the multiple towel method. Can't wait to try it out but I still have to find logistics for where to clean it and determine how cold I can clean my car. I'm sure hot water will help a lot as well.
  4. TheMidnightNarwhal

    ONR Definitive Thread

    Correct but it says 1 oz per 2 gallons, so I am wondering does that mean having more solution is better or 2 gallons is all I need.
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    How to change gmail password

    Lmao what is this post? Even his username is his question.
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    Does ONR freeze as easy as water?

    Damn ok. I guess no winter washing... how does anyone do it? Guess I could pull it up into the garage, it isn't heated but it's always a little hotter (maybe 6 degrees differance) than outside.
  7. When doing a ONR wash in the winter, does it freeze easily? I am asking because if I clean my car at -20c, I wipe my hood down with ONR, if it does freeze, I assume I should immidiately followup with my drying aid (spray sealant of some brand) right away instead of cleaning the whole car then using drying aid.
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    ONR Definitive Thread

    So is there no point at all in using 5 gallons of water?
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    Optimum tire coating question

    I applied 2 coats on my new tires that were cleaned off and I think I may have missed a spot, there is like white streaking or something. Is it to late to touch them up now or I would have to completely remove the coating using tar remover, then power clean? I don't care to much since these are my winter tires and was just doing more of a winter test see how it would hold up but yeah.