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  1. I'm looking for a maintenance routine for a Gloss Coat. Other coating vendors publish details routines so I'm wondering what Optimum recommends? I'm sure #1 is washing with ONR regularly. Should I Ferrex annually? Power Clean as needed? MDR as needed? Optimum Car Wash quarterly? Any top coat that should be applied regularly? OptiCoat, Opti Car Wax? I'm just looking at a solid procedure that will keep the coating alive and well for as long as possible. Thanks, Paul
  2. I have a black BMW with water spots I'm preping to coat. What should my workflow look like? I'm guessing the following. 1) Pre-soak 2) Wash 3) Iron remover 4) Clay 5) MDR? 6) Polish 7) Panel Prep 8 ) Coat
  3. paulgyro

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Thanks Ron, is it ok then to do the water demo at the 1+ hour mark?
  4. paulgyro

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    I've seen on YouTube that with Opticoat Pro+ that there is a impressive water beading/ sheeting demo done. Can we do that same thing with Gloss Coat? If so when? I assume after the 1 hour mark and before applying Opti-Seal? Thanks, Paul
  5. Hi Setec, I'm just a serious hobbyist toying with the idea of going pro as a side business. I think I understand where these products are placed. They are the top self, premium products and are priced accordingly.
  6. Thanks guys. Can you tell me when it came out? Any podcasts that address in more detail? Why no forum dedicated to Hyper Seal?
  7. I was surprised to find this product. The only reason I know it exists is seeing a few people talk about it here in the forum. Is there a podcast episode where it is talked about? When did this product come out? Why don't other Optimum dealers like The Rag Company and Autogeek carry this? How does it compare to Opti Seal? Can I replace Opti Seal with Hyper Seal in my workflow? I'd like to get more info on it. There is almost nothing about it on the Opti-Seal website. Sorry for all the questions. Seem like there are multiple other newer Opti-Seal products with nice label and such that I'm just hearing about. Paul