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  1. Does anyone know of it's just a less concentrated version of Opticoat Pro, which is made mainly of exclusively of SiC? I've tried researching online to no avail...
  2. Juanca

    New Gloss-Coat not beading!

    Nice outcome. Perhaps the remaining oils from the polishing finally left the vehicle, maybe by evaporating and manual removal. 😊👍
  3. Juanca

    What is Paint Guard™ made of?

    While we're at it talking about this specific product, I have one more question: Does the application of Paint Guard also appear on the Carfax report of the vehicle? (Assuming we installers register it, of course.)
  4. My name is Juan Carlos and I'm part of the New Millennium Car Wash & Auto Detail team. We became installers earlier this year and we're happy to have come across Optimum products. I look forward to learning from others here, and maybe even be able to help someone, somewhere, somehow. 😊
  5. Juanca

    Howdy from Oxnard, California! :)

    Happy to be here! 🙂
  6. Juanca

    What is Paint Guard™ made of?

    Interesting... Good stuff. Thank you, Ron! 🙂🙏
  7. Juanca

    What is Paint Guard™ made of?

    I meant to say "mainly or exclusively of SiC." I'm guessing it could also be silicon dioxide instead... 🤔
  8. How's the gloss looking there? I would personally worry more about coated defects and/or bad coating look. The beading should be evident so long as the coated surface is clean and free of certain chemical residues (even some soaps).