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  1. So is a 5:1 ratio presoak safe for poly sealants or will that partially strip as well?
  2. Sask3m

    Pro+ and touchless washes?

    Yeah, I also have a coin op car wash 2 minutes from where I live where I could blast off the bulk of the salt and other crap. I'm getting older and lazier though so I'd likely use a combo of both.😁
  3. Sask3m

    Pro+ and touchless washes?

    I live close to Calgary Alberta and winters are long here so touchless is a nice option for this time of year. I'd stick to contact washing the rest of yr with buckets and car soap. 👍
  4. Hi, have a few Optimum products and so far so good.👍
  5. Just got a new black Tundra and am thinking about a pro+ coating and wondering if simply using touchless car wash (no wax) might be the best option to avoid marring? Recently watched the video of Yvan applying this product to Pan's BMW on youtube where he stated that pro+ is unaffected by any ph levels 0-14. Thanks.