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  1. nickkyle

    Picked up the Car yesterday

    Outstanding answer. Just what I needed to hear. Thanks
  2. Ron, thanks. I just need to clarify a few things. I have Opti Coat Pro Plus on my car. Opti Seal and Hyper both have Si02, is that right? My understanding is that Opti coat pro plus will literally she'd other coatings with Si02 within 30 days; is that right or wrong. In your message it sounds as though you are saying that both Opti-Seal and Opti-Hyper seal will last longer than 30 days on Pro Plus. Looking forward to your response and knowledge. Thank you, Kyle Marx
  3. nickkyle

    Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    I talked to tech folks at Opti this morning and asked about which coatings other than Opti coatings could be applied on the Opti Coat Pro Plus. This led us into talking about SiO2 products and that any of them would be shed off of Pro Plus within 30 days. Then I asked him if Opti Seal and or Opti Hyper had SiO2 and he said yes. So why would we be using Hyper Seal any longer if it will be shed off within the next 30 days? He said it is for more shine. Please answer if all or any of the above is accurate. Thank you.
  4. My question as a car owner and not a pro, is this; "Is Opti-Coat seal more in line with being used as a drying agent because of its shorter durability, which means it is used primarily for the bi-weekly washing?" Second question: "If that is the case, then we are to use the Hyper seal for the bi-monthly or quarterly washing which I see as a more intense washing that is primarily designed to refresh the sacrificial layer covering the Opti-Coat Pro Plus?" There is so little information on the Optimum site. I get it because of liability issues if products are given time frames for durability, but on the other hand, I really believe it is critical to give your customers more concrete guidance on how to take care of their multi-thousand dollar investment they made when having the product put on. Thank you, Kyle Marx
  5. There is nothing better than seeing my two-month-old car, look 10 times better than the day I picked it up, thanks to the Appearance Solutions in Sacramento. I hope to learn if I can use the NEW Turtle Wax's "Hybrid Solution Ceramic Spray Coating" on the Opti-Coat pro plus. Does anyone know? I use it on my other car and over the last six months it's durability has been incredible. It is as good today as it was in July. I have read about the Optimum Opti-Seal lasting only a few months, so I was wondering if the new pro plus coating on my car can accept other products or can it only accept Optimum products. Thank you.