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  1. Heijneker

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    There would be a lot less ONR on the surface of the car, as in the bucket. Meaning it would be diluted less.
  2. Also, what does OPT recommend for the time-delay between Opti-Seal and Optimum Car Wax? I've seen some videos of Yvan claying a car with Car Wax and ONR on the surface, then used Opti-seal as a drying aid, meanimg; no time-delay. I would like to know if it's a good idea to use both Opti-seal and OCW as a drying aid at the same time during a ONRWS wash, and what this would achieve. This could be a nice extra for customers, without costing any extra time for the operator and without sacrificing Wax. It would be a bit more difficuilt to sell Opti-seal as a replacement for the wax, instead of being an addition. Hope I made myself clear.
  3. Well, strong compound should be avoided, sanding. Don't know about Optimum polish(es) though. For chemical, avoid (touchless) carwashes like the plague. You would be safe using those products you mention for an occassional decon (1 - couple times a year). Dilute Power Clean at least 1:3, but that should depend on contamination. A fallout remover will do no harm, but stick with Ferrex just to be sure. Optimum MDR (acidic) will not harm the coating either.
  4. Heijneker

    Where does MDR fall in a coating prep workflow?

    Bit late, but I personally would swap MDR and Claying. Reasoning: Get all your chemical decontamination done before you (optionally) start mechanical decontamination, which will cause marring. I would implement loooooong dwell times, then claying will hopefully be obsolete. Use a strong pressure washer as well, that helps. There's a video on Opti-Coat's YouTube channel, called "Winter gets the decon" which is a good process to follow.
  5. Heijneker

    MDR diluted 4:1?

    Great to hear MDR can be let to dwell on the surface for 20 minutes. That's really awesome, try that with some other acid soap/cleaner haha, you'll be in for a repair. I'm guessing that, since it's a gel, it won't dry out as easily? What's OPT's vision on applying MDR in the sun? Also, the MSDS states that MDR has a pH of 2.65. So sounds like MDR has a lot of power, just needs some time, which is avsolutely no bad thing. Gosh, I'm so excited for OPT-products right now 😀. I get the feeling, that, the combination of PowerClean, Ferrex, and MDR is the power-combo for decontamination one needs. Get rid of that freaking clay, induce minimal marring to the car.
  6. Heijneker

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    I totally missed that from your earlier post, sorry about that. What a shame.
  7. Heijneker

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    I think the same, $10 isn't what's stopping dr. G. But isn't Adam doing the occassional podcast? I really think he is a great host as well. I'll try to send them a direct message. Of course, my faith in Optimum Polymer Technologies and their products remains.
  8. Heijneker

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    If that is true than that would be a DEAD SHAME.
  9. Heijneker

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    CR*P... Thanks for the great info anyways.
  10. Heijneker

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Maybe, but firstly the 100+ podcast from Dann should be retrieved I think. Wealth of knowledge in those.
  11. Heijneker

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Ron, any update on the old synergy podcasts coming back online? I found a few on the Opti-Coat channel, but almost all are gone. I need them badly....... 😫
  12. Heijneker

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    Hey there, The following could be totally untrue; I vaguely remember a reputable source once stated that MDR could be added to the ONR wash solution, to aid in very light water spot removal. Is this true? I just re-watched a video from Forensic Detailing Channel where ONR in itself was unsuccesfull in doing so. Also, why is this? Why aren't these minerals water-soluable anymore and stay bonded to the paint. Thanks in advance.
  13. Heijneker

    optimum tire gel

    Looking really good, love the matt-glossy finish! You're missing a wheel though 😁
  14. Heijneker

    New to Fourm

    Great to hear you're a pro installer, makes me curious for OC3, even though I'm not yet into ceramic coatings
  15. Heijneker

    New to Fourm

    Welcome to the forum, I think that's a great regimen, but I agree with Setec that the UV protection from the wax would be a great addition. How are you gonna maintain the wheels?