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  1. I sure can speak for that junkie part haha. I've been on vacation for a couple of days now, cleaned the cars the night before the trip, and layed down some fresh Opti-seal, OCW and Tire Bond. It was so relaxing after a day of stress. After about 500 km on the cars with some rain-driving, I'm REALLY itching for some ONR right now.....
  2. Whoo Whoop! Full steam ahead! Shame about the clay towel, really wanted to try that.
  3. Heijneker

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    That sure is some very nice beading!
  4. Heijneker

    Rinseless prep wash for Polish?

    @A&J Thanks for the answer, and I think that is a good way to go most times, for a quickie polish. I just saw a video on Levi Gates' Facebook where he performed a '20 minute polish', where he did not even clay the car. Just an ONR wash it seems, and alcohol wipe. @Detail Mutant Nice way to work around the rules!! I do like the idea of the Worx Hydroshot. Here in the Netherlands it won't be that 'easy' I suppose. We have rules for the wastewater flowing off of cars, when washing professionally, which needs to pass certain tests for dirt- and oil-content. And it will NEVER pass those tests, unless the car is squeeky clean. So even rinseless, waterless and steam washes legally would not be allowed, but they can't really test the wastewater coming off the cars with these. Funny enough, washing wheels is forbidden as well, since it's part of the 'chassis'. But, the goverment and police condone those types of washes, and they are gaining popularity, especially steam. Even some goverment fleets are being washed with waterless washes. On a side note; any experience with the Optima Steamer? Those steamers claim that the 'high pressure steam' and the 'soft MF Towels' clean any car without scratches. I, for the live of me, can't believe that, since it only produces 10 BAR (145 PSI) and low gpm. You're just washing your car with little amounts of water, through a very expensive machine. For the interior it also seems very unusable to me, causing condensation on the windows from using too much water/steam.
  5. Heijneker

    Power Clean Testing

    @darrvao777 Yes, but the car was really dirty, dark coloured, and had no protection whatsoever. ONR did NOT bead on it all. (It did beautifully) after the wash though, with Opti-seal as drying aid. I didn't use a lot of ONR at 1:16 either, about 250 ml. It wasn't really noticeable, in the right light, it looked kind of like oil-on-water across the front end. The owner has not noticed it. And no it wasn't from the Opti-seal. Today I used Power Clean at 1:10 with distilled water (Woohooooo, so cheaaaap) on a pretty hot black car in the sun, with some baked on bug guts. Car was pretty clean though and had some protection, the ONR beaded very nicely right away. ONR and agitation wouldn't remove the bug guts, but the OPC worked perfectly fine to remove them with agitation, took a little more effort it seemed, compared to OPC at 1:3 (duhh). It was SO easy to remove the Power Clean, wow. I applied ONR with the BRS, foamed OPC (Foams very nicely with the IK 2), and wiped with a MF towel. That got it mostly dry. I then reapplied ONR with the BRS and it beaded perfectly right away. I'll see how this works on a dirty neglected car. Probably not as succesful to remove bug guts, but we'll see.
  6. I'm currently working on starting a mobile detailing service. In the future I hope to provide paint correction. It would be great if I could provide a mobile 1-step quickie polish, for gloss enhancement. I would like to use a strong dilution of Power Clean, and Ferrex with the clay towel, pretty much like the following video: However, laws in the Netherlands prohibit me from using running water when mobile. They condone waterless/rinseless/steam washes. So that got me wondering, what would be the best rinseless prep for such a polish? Could I probably use said chemicals and rinse with an Optima steamer on the wet setting? 'Steamers' seem to use bug removers and wheel cleaners with their steamers. Maybe rinse with a Tornador and distilled water? Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Heijneker

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Looking very nice Travis! That Fusion is also sold here in Europe, under the name "Mondeo", but not as a a. I don't think we get that colour though, which you have seem to gotten very nice! Looking very good!
  8. Heijneker

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    @Ron@Optimum Thanks for the info! Great find. So Opti-Clean at recommend dilution has far more of certain kinds of polymers than ONR at 1:16. How about concentrated forms? Hope I can get an answer for this.
  9. Heijneker

    Power Clean Testing

    @Habs I might indeed have left the Power Clean on the paint for too long. A couple of minutes I think. Hence I want to try a higher dilution next. I'm relying mostly on agitation, and I want the OPC to be easy to remove, so 1:10 may be sufficient in most cases. Worth a try.
  10. Heijneker

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    @A&J Thanks so much for the thorough testing! Glad to hear that it feels like it's working fine as a rinseless wash. That final wash solution must have felt amazing indeed. Very clear streaking on the clio, also noticeable on the window. Seems like OOC feels similar to ONR when at equal dilution. Good point on the dirt-releasing properties, didn't think of that. I'm awaiting Ron's answer if OOC contains more polymers than ONR in concentrated forms. If so, maybe this is a safer Rinseless wash, but more difficult to use? (smearing) Maybe we will be able to test if it is safer at some point. I hope to aquire my desired polishing equipment within a month or 2. I really want to try out Opti-Clean as well, especially on bugs. (and all the other OPT products....) However... I have since figured out (hold on, this will be genius......), If safety is key, that both products used together, in their intented and researched way, would be the safest (pre-)rinseless wash. Yes, an absolutely astonishing thought, I know. So a pre-spray with OOC, and ONR wash as you normally do. That scenic looked dirty to begin with, but cleaned up very nice. Nice amount of gloss and reflection.
  11. Heijneker

    Power Clean Testing

    @Habs Nice to hear that a re-application of Power Clean took off the stain. I used OPC 3:1 (Tap water) on a dirty, neglected dark coloured car yesterday. It was overcast and, humid (even rained slightly), about 18 °C. I first washed the front with ONR and the BRS. Foamed OPC over it, and agitated with TRC Jersey Bug Scrubber. Then rinsed with about 250 ml of ONR at 1:16 (Distilled water). Wiped with ONR wet MF towel. Next washed again with ONR and BRS, wiped with wrung out towel, and dried with Opti-Seal. The car had some nice beading afterwards. Sad to say, it left, noticeable to me, staining (duhh), which I probably sealed in lol. Oops. I did not try to remove the staining. I will now be trying OPC at 1:10 (Distilled water) on bugs. Will that be more powerful than Opti-Clean? I likely need to stay purely rinseless (may get a Worx Hydroshot at some point), and don't want to risk badly staining cars. Testing so far suggests it's fairly easy to remove. Testing continues!
  12. Heijneker

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    @A&J Please do! Seems like a nice way to test it! Maybe you could test how scratch-safe it is? And maybe Opti-clean isn't a water softener like ONR? @Ron@Ron@Optimum I figured OPT probably wouldn't have tested it that way. But maybe you would have been able to give some insight as to why it would(n't) work. All I have read up to now, suggest Opti-Clean contains more of the polymers ONR contains, and then some extra ones ONR doesn't, hence why I thought of this. Or does this statement count when both used at recommended dilution ratio's, but not in concentrated form?
  13. Heijneker

    New, Just Retired

    Welcome, forum, you! I sadly haven't figured out how to add decent photos either, sadly. Would love to see the car! I'm curious of the questions you have.
  14. Ron, I know what you are thinking; "Sigh..... What is it with these weird questions? Just follow the recomendations already" And I'm sorry for that, but hear me out. I've read on several instances, that OOC contains more of the polymers that ONR contains, as well as certain polymers ONR does not contain. So I was wondering if OOC could be used like a rinseless wash, at a high dilution ratio, and maybe even do a better job? And also, is OOC actually saver than ONR? Since you use OOC at a far higher concentration than ONR. Of course there is the possibillity of dry wiping dirt, but aside from that? I used to believe that there would be no possibillity that a waterless wash could be in any way safe for the paint. Boy was I wrong, and surely, I'm beginning to really like the thought of using OOC, as being the absolute fastest way of safely washing a car. ONR wouldn't be far off though, and of course you can't beat the cost effectiveness of ONR.
  15. Heijneker

    Power Clean Testing

    BLASPHEMER! ! ! ONR will probably stay on top for me. I wonder how Opti-Clean will grow onto me and affect my washing process in the future. I agree completely, I love foaming alot for the increased dwell time, but indeed less precise than a sprayer.