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  1. Well, after I posted that, I realized it would be called “Optisheet” if it existed. 😎
  2. I am curious if you got an answer.
  3. Olds394

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    Thanks, I had read that OC had more protection than ONRWW, and that it was synthetic in nature.
  4. Olds394

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    Is there any Optiseal in Opticlean?
  5. Olds394


    I’m seeing self cleaning action from ONRWW. I’m wondering if others have observed that. I have been disappointed in some other brands that claimed “self cleaning” properties, and had basically given up.
  6. Olds394

    Wash n wax

    I’m with the OP, and have a shelf full of products. You know it’s bad when I’m polymer sealing the trash cans just to use up product. Where’s the lawnmower? Lol
  7. Olds394

    Discontinued Optimum Products

    Ron, can you tell me if GPS cuts the same as Poli-Seal?