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    Grit guard with ONR?

    Hi Setec Astronomy. Thank you also for taking the time to respond. I’ve taken some pointers and will apply it to my wash method. Cheers...
  2. Daniel Appel

    Grit guard with ONR?

    Hi Ron. I’m sold. Thanks for taking the time to respond. It makes perfect sense. I have now purchased a bucket and grit guard.
  3. Daniel Appel

    Grit guard with ONR?

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gents Grit guards!...do I need one in a bucket when using ONR. That’s the first question. My second question is, do I need a grit guard at all? I am kinda new to the detailing world, loving it by the way, and have always seen a grit guard being used, however, never really thought if it was absolutely necessary, so never got around to purchasing one. Doesn’t the dirt at the bottom of the grit guard swirl around the bucket when the water get’s disturbed while rinsing a wash mitt.....and if using ONR, doesn’t the ONR solution pull all the dirt to the bottom without the need of a grit guard. So I’m at a crossroad right now and hoping those reading this can help me make a decision. Thank you in advance☺️
  4. Thank you Ron and thanks for the advise. Much appreciated! Looking forward to using the BRS...
  5. Hi there. Daniel here, from the country with four seasons in one day. I currently live in an apartment with no outside tap, hence the search for a rinseless product. Did some research and I’m now an ONR convert as I will only use this product, even if an outside tap became available. No more soap...Woohoo. So I’ve been using ONR-wash and wax for the past six months and it’s really during that time that I was bitten by the detailing “bug” and I just love everything about it and ONR. The only grumble that I have is the amount of microfibre cloths I had to use when using ONR, HOWEVER, now that I have a more clear understanding of ONR I’ve now bought The...Big...Red...Sponge. I’ve not used it yet but cannot wait to give it a go. At the moment the weather here in Cardiff, Wales is very wet, so I wait in anticipation. Anyway, great to be here and part of this forum. I do have a question, while I’m here.... With the big red sponge, do I have to pre soak the sponge for 24 hours before using it? And I read that I can leave the big red sponge in ONR solution....is that until the next time I wash my car. I wash my car every two weeks😇