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  1. Will this product restore crows feet?
  2. TrustYxC4

    Need help, Glosscoat

    How would I loosen
  3. TrustYxC4

    Need help, Glosscoat

    Okay, I had just read that it needed 24 hours before getting wet. It took roughly 18cc out of my 20cc syringe to coat my truck, the plunger wasn’t letting any product through the tip and I pressed it which cause it to shoot out, happened a couple of times wasting a lot. Any advice there, as I intend to start using gloss coat on a lot of cars
  4. TrustYxC4

    Need help, Glosscoat

    I just got into detailing and wanted to protect my truck. I decided glosscoat looked to be my best bet, not having to do multiple coats and top coats seemed like a waste. Pulled the trigger and ordered it. Next came prep. Wash, iron decon, clay, compound, polish, paint prep. Excited/nervous as this is my first application but Yvan said if you can wax you and apply glosscoat. Check the weather and it’s clear for about 30 hours. I don’t have a garage and have been doing all of this with overcast skies. Application was easy, could immediately tell this was gonna be good. I didn’t have the forethought to order optiseal to lay down afterwards. I applied the coating, all is well. Until the next morning when there was dew all over my truck. In a panic I decided to use meguiars hybrid ceramic detailer to “protect” and kind of act like optiseal. Was this a mistake? Should I have just dried the dew or am I ok? tl;dr, rained within 24 hours of glosscoat and applied ceramic detailer over the top to act like optiseal, did I screw up?