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  1. I have a question for Dr. G. We all know that pro and pro plus are permanent because it is silicon carbide. Why is it that opt is one of the few coating companies that uses it? There are so many coatings out there and most are sio2 and temporary even though they may be an authorized installer only. Why don't more companies use the sic technology?
  2. Tug Bankert

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    I have cleaned very dirty, white work trucks using onr and no soap. You know the white vehicles with the black sooty film on them? This myth of what Matt Mourmon says about only using onr between washes, ( whatever an in-between wash is anyway). Onr can clean as dirty of a car as soap can. If encrusted with thick mud or dirt it will need a good pre rinse and maybe PC to knock it down, though. I just wanted to clear that up as I'm sure most of you already knew anyway.
  3. Tug Bankert

    Durability during first 30 Days

    I always recommend not washing for at least 7 days. After that use Opti coat no rinse. One customer of mine rinsed his coated truck off at the self serve wash and didn't dry it any it left water spots. Never rinse off and leave it to dry.
  4. Tug Bankert

    Trouble using Opti Gloss syringe

    I am sorry you lost your gc. To me it's like throwing money away. The syringe is the most efficient way to distribute a coating. The alternative is a bottle that requires both hands to distribute as oppose to one with the syringe. There is no need for a warning that it may spray out excessively just as a bottle would never have a don't spill warning. I have lost product myself due to pressing too hard. It is a hard lesson learned and having extra product in the long run is a good thing because you can layer gc. Watch this video it will help out tremendously.
  5. Tug Bankert


    Gloss coat is a professional coating that is available to the public. It is a great temporary coating and you will love the performance.
  6. Tug Bankert

    Power Clean Purposes and Dilution Ratios

    Power clean at full strength is the preferred method for removing the brown from the tires. You may have to repeat the process more than once to get all of it.
  7. Tug Bankert

    MDR + Ferrex Synergy?

    Mineral deposits like etching need to be addressed separately from a decon.
  8. You might just need a decontamination rather than recoating
  9. Tug Bankert

    Clear Coat Restore - Self Healing Video

    I can't answer for the science behind ccr but I can say that heat will not repair scratches in factory clear coat. I would not recommend applying ccr the way they did in that video. Ccr is for neglected and clear that is worn and not to add clear to brand new clear just for the sake of adding it. Once business resumes and things get going again I am going to be testing this self healing for myself for sure. I will post the results when that happens
  10. Tug Bankert

    Clear Coat Restore - Self Healing Video

    Un freakin believable, Ron. They applied it very differently then we have been taught. They did 3 thin coats as oppose to one thick one and used a thin suede applicator.
  11. Tug Bankert

    Uneventful Gloss Coat experience

    I think you nailed it. With gc a little goes a long way. Usually 10cc will do 2 cars
  12. Tug Bankert

    New to Fourm

    It is very true that Meguiars is a mediocre product line and optimum is the leader. A no rinse wash and some sort of sealant is a good regimen. Keep in mind that without a coating a decontamination using clay or a chemical will need to be repeated several times a year. A minimum routine is clay and decon every change of season. This is where a coating comes in. Some say that a coating is really expensive but in reality it is less expensive than wash, clay, and wax, 4 times a year. Obviously if you wash and wax yourself you will spend very little but paint correction will need to be done on average once every year or every other which removes just a little bit of clear coat. If you take your car to a pro it will be done to a higher standard and, of course much faster. If we compare wash, clay, wax 4 times a year to a coating the coating may cost $1500, but what will the wax cost? If you spend $600 a year having it done, in 3 years you will have spent $1800. That is only 3 years. 6 years would be $3600 and so on. Just giving you something to think about. Happy detailing.
  13. Tug Bankert

    Gloss Coat Slickness

    Letting the coating stand on its own is an excellent idea. Some people love wax because of the way it feels. I have never rubbed my clear to see how it feels. I just stare and stand in awe of it's gloss and performance.
  14. Tug Bankert

    Gloss Coat Slickness

    Excellent point, Ron. Some people love certain sio2 coatings because they mimic wax but have no real long term durability.
  15. Tug Bankert

    Bird Bomb Etching

    Then it's a stain and not etching