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    How long will a pad last?

    Thanks for the reply guys. I will send it back to the retailer when I get a chance. On a side note I did like how it performed (prior to it falling apart) and I probably will buy more next time I order some pads.
  2. Might be an odd question but I purchased a 5.25" Optimun Polishing Microfiber pad from autopia carcare. With the intention of trying it out to see how I like it compared to other brands that I have used in the past. I used the pad with a porter cable DA on 2 cars before a total failure of the pad. ( the microfiber separated from the foam backing) After the first car the pad was washed in a pad cleaning solution and then washed in the washing machine and air dried. So is this a normal life for theses pads or did I receive a defect one?