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  1. ian180p

    Hi from Cornwall in the UK

    First use of ONR last night for my first riinseless wash. I am totally sold and will be using this as my go to product for washes when the car is only lightly soiled. Next test is using ONR on my door shuts and mixing up a quick detailer. What ratio's do you guys advise on ratios for door shuts and quick detailer? As this is my first dabble into Optimum Products are there any that I should be looking to add to my wish list? Thanks
  2. ian180p

    Hi from Cornwall in the UK

    Thanks for the quick reply It's certainly clean apart from the dust! Are there guides available on here for using a wash mitt using ONR?
  3. Hi Everyone, I am a detailing weekend warrior in Cornwall, UK. I have just taken delivery of my first Optimum product ONR. I don't have the BRS so I will using a high quality wash mitt to begin with. My car is not heavily soiled so I assume that I should be ok using this method? Please take it easy on me as I am new to ONR and rinseless washing. Thanks Ian