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  1. dnobel

    MF cutting pad center compression

    Thanks for all the replies! Chris, you would be correct, as the GG6 set at 5 is apparently 6000 OPM. Where is your 5000 OPM spec published? I definitely missed that. And I have been using the LC backing plate, not yours. The only Opti-Flex I saw available on AG was the 7", obviously too big.
  2. dnobel

    Claying after Opti-Coat?

    Thanks for the advice! Yet another Opti-Product on my radar!
  3. I recently performed a paint correction on the roof and trunk lid of a classic Prius using Hyper Compound and a pair of Optimum MF cutting pads. The pads were cleaned and rotated after completing each section. After the final cleaning up, I noticed that both of them are exhibiting signs of severe compression or failure of the center 3" of the foam core, so that they are now visibly concave. The pads were brand new and installed on my GG6 DA; they were never run with the machine over 5. I cleaned them between sections using Mike Phillip's terry towel technique followed by the nylon pad cleaning brush, both with the machine set at 2. At the end of the job, I washed them under running water after spraying with Pinnacle XMT pad cleaner, then let them air dry on a Grit Guard. Any idea what might have happened to them? My suspicion is that this is related to the cleaning process between sections, but I don't think I did anything improper or unusual.
  4. Once Opti-Coat has been applied, is it ever necessary to clay the vehicle? If so, what grade of clay is recommended (i.e. aggressiveness rating)?
  5. I am wondering, would an LC 5.5" blue flat pad be appropriate to do a final jeweling with Finish Polish using a DA? This would be after correction using Hyper Compound and then Hyper Polish using Optimum MF pads. My DA is a GG 6. Or should I go with the grey? Thanks!
  6. dnobel

    Which additional pads?

    Shawn, thank you!
  7. I am about to buy my first DA polisher (probably the Griots 6) and am planning to purchase Optimum MF pads and the "Hyper Twins" to use with it. I would appreciate advice on which foam pads I should buy to complement the MFs. Based on what I have been reading, I am very interested in the Edge 2000 system but am not sure of which ones to buy or whether Edge is appropriate for a novice. Thanks in advance!
  8. dnobel

    Repairing clear coat with Opti-Coat?

    Thanks for the information!
  9. I am wondering if Opti-Coat could be used to actually repair a small area (about two or three square inches) with an irregular but well defined edge where the factory clear has failed. If so, how could that best be done? What comes to mind is feathering out the perimeter of the spot and then applying OC until approximately level with the surrounding area. Or should I patch it with clear coat first, allow it to cure, and then simply treat the area like the rest of the vehicle? Thanks!