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  1. does it perform water sheeting or beadings after wash just like ONR? thanks
  2. what If I didnt beat the car wash solution in the wash bucket to produce the foam and use it like ONR? just swril the wash solution lightly to mix the mixture without producing foams, wash and wipe without rinsing, yes theres still foams but minimal and can be wipe off. I am just thinking of making a more affordable alternative for ONR thanks
  3. firstly I want to ask is there any difference between this 2 products other than the foams? does Optimum car wash beads water on paint and glass like ONR? I tried the onr but havent tried the car wash yet. thanks
  4. I-car

    optimum MSDS CAS no.

    are you having trouble importing optimum product as well?
  5. I-car

    optimum MSDS CAS no.

    whats CoA stands for? CAS stands for Chemical Abstract Service, its one the section II/ III of the MSDS.
  6. I-car

    optimum MSDS CAS no.

    yes Joel I tried to ask my forwarder if its an absolute requirement, they say yes. Chris, yes I have all the MSDS downloaded from the download section, but only a few have the CAS no mentioned, while most of it just says "none"
  7. I-car

    optimum MSDS CAS no.

    Thanks for the reply Chris, but what I meant was what is the exact CAS unique numerical numbers and its percentage for optimum product line? it was left blank in the MSDS for some of the products such as ONR, Opti Seal, Opti Bond Tire Gel, Instant Detailer, Opti Coat and Protectant Plus. Can you kindly provide me the CAS no for the above mentioned products? Also My forwarder told me that they consider OPC as Dangerous good and require me to give a IMO/UN number, please advice. Million thanks Chris!
  8. Hi, I would like to ask what is the CAS no in the optimum products line MSDS? it wasnt stated there...my forwarder requires the information. thanks!
  9. thanks! thats explain very well!
  10. Hi I am from Malaysia and I would like to ask about the repackaging policy of optimum product, your distributor in Malaysia repackage your optimum product under the name Detailien, optimum powerclean as alien clean, ONR as alien no rinse, etc. would this be legal? If I would buy from a distributor and repackage them under my brand would that be allow too? thanks
  11. and since both have clening agent, hows opti clean differs from OID?
  12. thanks! but how does a streakings looks like and how does a marring looks like?
  13. Is there any neccesary to do so? like adding a small amount of OPC (1 ounce ) mix with 1 ounce of ONR into a 2 gallon bucket. will it strip off any wax or sealant? will it give added cleaning power to eliminate tars and brake dust during the wash? does it enhance ONR or actually "killing" the polymer in onr?
  14. I-car

    Hi Optimum forums!! New here :)

    oh nvm I found it in the download section however is the old sheet still valid with the new ONR since its the new formula?
  15. I-car

    Hi Optimum forums!! New here :)

    thanks Chris, I would like to order optimum products but my forwarder required MSDS (material safety data sheet), is there anywhere I can get it? I need MSDS for ONR, OCW, OBTG, OID, OOC, OOS, OLP, OPC, and OLV many thanks!