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    Swirls in Opticoat pro after 1 year

    Would this typically be covered under warranty though if I filed a claim?
  2. Hi, Was wondering if any of you guys had this same issue....I’ve had my opticoat pro applied for about 1 year now on my Tesla model 3, white. The other week i was washing the trunk and i saw a swirl mark and then scratches when looking at a certain angle. I then proceeded to look at the door panels and rear quarter panels and they all had these scratches over the panel...Now I never noticed these before so not sure if they were even there after the application...but I’ve used ONR, hyper seal or optimum car wash solution with power wash the entire time and I’ve followed maintenance too with drying with high quality microfiber towels. Is it covered under warranty for these swirls? Does it need to be stripped and re coated? I’ve contacted my installer yesterday to see what to do next but unsure? Please let me know if anyone has had the same issue! Alvin