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  1. I would like to know what Optimum products I could use to do a waterless wash, and protect that will be hyrophobic, and uv protect for more than a month in case I can't wash again? I was thinking of washing with ONR wash and wax, and then spray optiseal as drying aid monthly, but maybe I should do regular ONR, and Spray wax? Thanks.
  2. I have an older bottle of opti-seal and the pump bottle sprays, but is not easy to press. I am guessing this is because maybe some of the optiseal has dried in the nozzle? Is it possible to soak in something to clean it out?
  3. CptanPanic

    OptiSeal vs. Spray Wax.

    Ok Reading stuff on the site, It seems that OptiSeal is the new technology, but some people use the OSW. So why would one use one or the other? It seems OSW is easier to put on, but OS last longer. How do they look or protect? Thanks, CP
  4. I am new to detailing, and bought a bunch of stuff to start with my new car. (Which after doing lots of research ended up with lots of Optimum products) So I was planning to dry after washing using California blade, and finishing up with a large MF. So I washed today for the first time with ONR, and when I went to use the Blade, the ONR made the surface too clean so that the blade didn't slide on the paint. So I could use another big MF to dry it off, but I was wondering how you guys dry using ONR. I have also heard that it is bad to let the ONR dry on the surface so that using a leaf blower wouldn't be good. Well let me know. Thanks, CP
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    How to use Opti-Seal with Spray Wax

    Thanks for the info. CP
  6. I read of some people using OSW after OOS, and they said that it works great. But I was unable to get details on how to do it. So my questions are 1) Is this worth it? Does OSW over the OOS add any better looks or durability? 2) For my new car I was thinking of washing ONR, then putting on 1-2 layers of OS, then OSW. How long between OS then OSW should I wait? 3) For subsequent applications after car washes etc. what should I put on OOS or OSW, or both? 4) For a complete rewaxing in like 3-6 months what should I do? ONR, claybar?, OOS, then OSW? Thanks, CP