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  1. Temporary coating for road trips.

    It's actually a lot more than a temporary coating. It lasts up to two years according to 3M. I still prefer my Xpel Ultimate PPF. It's amazing and none of the orange peel affect like the Paint Defender will have.
  2. I would avoid using IPA on any finish. It's just not good for it. If you need something to remove any excess polishing oils I suggest Optimum Power Clean. Much safer.
  3. When and how - MILKY HELP!

    You may be noticing some high spots in the coating that make it appear darker. Also, I'm wondering if the milkiness is related to humidity since you said its there sometimes and not at others. Also, you said you wiped with your finger and it went away and then came back. If it was a chemical reaction I don't think it would return. I've seen my car get some very very small droplets of condensation that make it look hazy but there is nothing wrong. Either way, check with your detailer. I'm sure he can help
  4. left over ONRWW

    It won't hurt at all. I've done this quite a few times. In fact a gallon of distilled water mixed with ONRWW makes enough for 2-3 washes for me.
  5. Opti Seal durability over a glaze?

    Are you referring to a glaze as an AIO like GPS or Poli-Seal or as a pure polish like Meguiars #7? If there are any protection properties then yes, it would very much affect the bonding of OC 2.0. If it is a polish than you would want to use IPA or rewash the paint with an all purpose cleaner like Opt Power Clean. Personally I lean towards the power clean as IPA can be "grabby" and you may inflict marring in the paint. Also, if you use the Optimum compounds and polishes you can skip the whole rewashing and just wipe the surfaces down with an ONR dampened mf towel.

    I've not experienced any dust attraction. But I do get insane beading
  7. Soundwave, I've had my OID mixed with distilled water for about 6 months or more. Still good as new.
  8. Most of you guys already know me since I've been here a while, but just curious if anyone else is in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton area.
  9. Removing pollen

    Yep. You can use it that way if you would like. Rinsing off the pollen probably helped you. If you are afraid of reducing it's effectiveness, you could always give it a quick mist of ONR at QD strength.
  10. Removing pollen

    ONR at QD strength might work but I would try it in a small spot first. ONR is formulated to be used as a rinseless wash while Opti Clean is more suited to waterless wash. I guess I would lean more towards the Opti Clean myself. Especially on a black car.
  11. Messing Around

    What!?! That is amazing! It turned that casing into a mirror!
  12. OC 2.0 on a 2013 Lexus LS460

    Wow man! I wouldn't be sad about giving up the GS at all for the LS! I know the obsidian had a wow factor to it but in my opinion the starfire is a classier color and I see PLENTY of gloss. Lexus has some fantastic paint jobs.
  13. Removing pollen

    Ah, pollen. Scourge of Spring. LOL I would think that a dedicated waterless wash would be fine. However, if you feel more comfortable with ONR then just do that. It's really personal preference as a lot of the waterless washes now can remove quite a lot of dirt/grime safely. Pollen can actually be quite abrasive, people just don't realize that because of how light it is.
  14. Best Video/Writeup on Opti-Coat 2.0 application

    You probably didn't need a third coat. Heck, if applied properly one coat is just fine. What I do is go very slowly and overlap sections slightly. Like the video Chris made suggested, use something to help you mark where you stopped. I use body lines personally, but it's all personal preference. Sometimes more is not always better.
  15. I have the pro version on my paint and wheels through about 8 snow storms this winter. No issues at all. Best protection you can get.