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  1. Any chance there is a video showing proper application?
  2. I have been using ONR for winter time no rinse washes with great sucess. I have also used the ONR in an on the road, Bird Bomb / bug off clean up kit with great sucess. I have also saved alot of time using ONR with the AutoScrub (Clay replacement pad) by nothaving to re wash the car after that process. I recently, last month used OPticoat 2.0 and the car looks great. It looks so good and stays so clean I have not washed it since the Opticoat was applied 7/22/12. The wheels are the only thing showing some signs of needing attention. The driving rains we have gotten every few days are enough to self clean the paint and I am impressed so far. I have been using TAW as my APC for wheel wells, jams. engine degreasing and tires clean up. I even use it on the paint for tougher dirt and to remove standard LSP. What is the equal to TAW form Optimum? Is it paint safe? Is Optimum Power clean the equal to TAW. How would you mix it to match the strength of TAW RTU? is it paint safe What is the difference between Optimum in the gallons that is dilutable and Optimum on the RTU format, meaning what strength is the RTU version if you wanted to mix it yourself. This is a spray on wipe off no water product? Is this better for on the road clean up than ONR? What are the differences? Thanks, Jeff