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  1. To date, I have been so impressed with my gallon of Power Clean. So many uses and economical ! I thought it would be a good idea to have this thread up here, to let others know about the multi purposes of Power Clean and how to dilute them properly. Many thanks to IntegrityDetail, and this is what he has posted on other threads, so here we go, Engine and jambs 1:1, Wheels-tires-wells 3:1, Presoak 5:1, Interior surfaces 10:1, Carpet TLC and light stains 20:1 Please feel free to post up if you guys come across other uses of Power Clean, and how much dilution ratio. One thing I have been thinking is whether it can be used as a window cleaner ? maybe dilute at 20:1 ? Anyone tried it on windows before ?

    thanks Integrity ! i'll follow your way , and not do anything bout it cheers

    Update - I finally got my quart foam gun in . can't wait to play this weekend ! one thing I noticed in the instructions is to "maintain" and "cleanse" it after use . How is everyone doing theirs after the wash ? Before that, I thought we could just leave the soap solution in the bottle and leave it as it is without any "cleaning" after using it... hmm

    thanks for your advice bud. I will still be using a rinse bucket. only thing I will be leaving out is the bucket of shampoo, which I will be relying on the foam gun for . spray as the mitt travels on the panels. and then rinse bucket after each panel. so its foam gun + 1 rinse bucket method. hope that should be safe enough..

    which should I get ? the half or quart gallon size ? i'll be doing one car at a time . when will be doing the spray as I wipe the mitt over . would it use up the whole thing and need me to refill halfway thru ?
  6. Thanks for your input Anthony... so OPP is good for my dashboard and steering wheel right ? description says its non greasy , so hopefully will be good for the steering wheel as for the opti bond gel, i was under the impression that it is like a normal tire gel . i've only used the megs hi endurance purple gel. is the opti bond something like that ? wipe on the thick gel and wipe off or just leave it on? if i were to do it this way, do I still need to dilute it ? what about the tire spray , just spray, wipe and walk away or do i need to buff off ?
  7. Hi all, Looking at Optimum's product offerings, i'm confused with which one to get... Interior - Protectant Plus, Leather Protectant , i'm thinking of just getting protectant plus instead of the leather protectant as it sounds like it can be used on more surfaces. Can anyone confirm if the OPP can indeed be used on dashboard, door interior panel trims, and even on leather seats ? i've only used 1z cocpit premium and love the matt fresh look. will OPP perform the same way ? any special points to look out for when it comes to application and removal ? will there be any smearing or any of that sort or is it just fool proof spray on , wipe off method ? Wheels - Opti bond and Tire shine spray . Are both for the same purpose of shiny tires ? but only in gel and spray form ? im thinking maybe opti bond , but I will be applying by the normal tire foam applicators... and seeing that it is gel like, maybe the bottle will last ages yeah ? again, any special application and removal process ? thanks !
  8. Hi all, this is new territory for me...would appreciate advice please.... Exterior trim such as the rubber strips on the roof , exterior bumper plastics, side mirror plastics, windscreen wipers and the plastic bit holding them. How is the application and durability like ? I am after restoring the light grey to the original dark black colour and also leave behind uv protection ? Interior Trim such as dashboards, steering wheel, interior door panel trim, door rubber seals(???) . what kind of finishing does it leave behind ? non greasy and matt finish I hope ? I've only ever used 1z cockpit premium. again whats the application procedure like ? Thanks !
  9. Car Wash - Get the Optimum car wash new formula, as you mentioned you can use a water hose and have no water restrictions. good idea to use a foam gun . the optimum car wash is so thick and foamy. ONR is a good idea too if you are environmentally conscious. but it does have a learning curve. sealant - Opti seal. wipe on and walk away, no need to buff off. this is if you apply a very very thin coat. too much and it will streak. if it does use a mf towel and gently buff off (with little to no pressure) wax - optimum spray wax new formula. smells good and lives up to its reputation. I have never really perfected the art of opti seal, i usually apply too much and get a bit of streaking. so what I do is let opti seal sit for about 20-30 mins. then I go over it with the spray wax. work it in with a mf towel or applicator, then with a new mf towel buff to a shine. detailer - Optimum Instant Detailer. Gloss enhancer. many will agree it is a revolutionary product. very economical too. best in the industry at the moment i say. all purpose cleaner - Optimum power clean. again wonderful product. many uses. very economical. thats all the optimum products ive got. as for the polishes, there are many threads about it , or you could wait for the more experienced to chip in. cheers
  10. Simply love ONR, so many uses. Was out today and had a bird bomb , but luckily it was only on the passenger side window, none on the paint ! phew. got home in an hours time, and mixed up some onr with tap water as a qd. didnt note how much to mix , but i know it was very concentrated. question is, my tap water is not really bad, so how long can this mixture last ? i'll probably use it in 2 days time as a pre soak before doing my usual onr wash. hopefully it will last for that 2 days. might be a better idea to use distilled water to mix up the qd in future. with distilled water how long will it last too >?

    gotcha thank you both !

    yup it says 3: 1 , what im after is how many oz of optimum car wash shampoo and how much water mixed in the bottle ?

    im thinking of getting a foam gun too . how much exactly of the optimum car wash and water did you mix in the foam gun container ? also, do you need to connect it to a pressure washer or straight from the tap's fine ?

    im thinking of getting a foam gun too . how much exactly of the optimum car wash and water did you mix in the foam gun container ?
  15. im in a dilemma to choose which machine, something like the pc/udm or the flex ? bearing in mind the machine will be used on soft coat paints. however I have been reading that optimum polishes are best used with a rotary or flex which would generate more action and heat... how how how ? confused...