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    Other possble Opti Coat uses

    If you get a new toilet, apply the OC to the toilet bowl before using it. It will make the poop chute stains much easier to clean and lot less as well as overall cleaning just much nicer. Gross, I know, but hey it works!
  2. ihaveacamaro

    Video Review - How Chemically Resistant is Opticoat?

    Kind of a late response, but no problem Glad you guys like it!
  3. ihaveacamaro

    Video Review - How Chemically Resistant is Opticoat?

    Thanks for watching guys, and yeah, I wanted it to be very clear that OPC wasn't doing anything against the Opticoat lol. Gotta be dramatic!
  4. Hello everyone, I recently made a thread about opticoat beading and sheeting, and I also wanted to show just how awesome this stuff is. I wanted to show just how resistant this stuff is to Optimum Power Clean... Straight! Check it out and let me know what you think!
  5. I made a short video today explaining how to do a rinseless wash technique in the Garry Dean method. Basically it is a rinseless wash, except you put your MF towels away after washing instead of using it again. Garry Dean usually presoaks with waterless wash, but I don't. Hope you guys enjoy and hope it helps! Link to video: Youtube Video ONR Garry Dean Method
  6. Here's how I do my exhaust tips when they are trashed. OPC is safe on all surfaces (including bare metals and plastics) according to Optimum. I use OPC on really dirty exhaust tips and soap and water on less dirty exhaust tips. Hope you guys enjoyed
  7. ihaveacamaro

    OPC: A new use?!

    As all of you know, OPC is an all purpose cleaner with quite the following on detailing sites and forums. Part of the reason is because it is so effective and part of the reason is because it is safe on so many types of surfaces! Well today, I have come up with a new use that may benefit you if you detail for a living. One day you might encounter a customer with Plastidipped emblems or wheels and you may not be sure what to use. Worry no more! OPC at a 1:4 dilution (ie 4 oz OPC to 16 oz H20) works great at tackling embedded dirt in plastidip. I have not noticed any degradation or softening of the plastidip in any way. In addition to leather, plastic, wheel, tire, bug, and paint cleaning, OPC is great at cleaning Plastidipped wheels. Take a look and watch in HD: Thanks for looking!