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  1. fastmike

    OptiLens on trim?

    I just applied some OptiLens to my headlights but I was looking at other uses like trim. If I apply it to trim, will it have a "darkening" effect like other trim restorers? I have a black plastic grill on a Corolla that has faded over time.
  2. Lubrication while cleaning is key for keeping your car swirl free. I would use OptiClean if you're going to do a wipe down. But 2BM with ONR is probably safer.
  3. fastmike

    OPC in a foaming sprayer?

    How's the foaming on the OPC? I've read that it doesn't foam as much as other brands.
  4. fastmike

    OPC in a foaming sprayer?

    I was thinking about my tires and wheels, letting the OPC sit for a few minutes I'll give it a try and see if it helps the clinging. I did read some foaming sprayers can end up using more product though.
  5. Just got my first gallon of OPC loving it so far. Is anyone using it in a foaming sprayer? Does the OPC foam much? I've been using it to clean wheels and tires. Wonder if the foam would help the OPC cling more.
  6. fastmike

    best QD for Opti Coat

    anyone have preferences for the best quick detailer to use with an opticoated car? presumably I don't want anything with any wax or it'll leave a residue. I cleaned a spot with some Mother's quick detailer and there's was a residue where I didn't buff it out. Lately I've been just using ONR in a spray bottle. Is there something better? OID?
  7. fastmike

    Removing pollen

    I have a black car too I didn't know the pollen would accumulate this quickly. What about spraying ONR in a bottle is that safe?
  8. I have Opti Coat on my trunk. Thinking about getting a spoiler. I know people use 3M adhesive tape or beta link to attach it. Will the 3M adhesive tape adhere properly even with the Opti Coat attached?
  9. fastmike

    merino wool car duster and OC 2.0

    I have always figured if it needs a duster it's a even better time for a waterless or rinseless wash. Opt-Clean or ONR are my choices. Exactly, why take a risk? You never know what could be on your car that could end up marring your paint.
  10. fastmike

    2 Years of only ONR washing

    Wow that's good and reassuring. I love ONR but have a looming worry I'm mildly marring my paint. Any tips on technique you used? Wash mitt/sponge? Towels? Drying method?
  11. Contact Richard at showcardetailing over in Anaheim. He's on the Authorized installer list. He has his own shop and a super great guy to deal with. He did a full paint correction and Opticoat on my black BMW.
  12. fastmike

    Opti Lens info?

    Thanks for the info can't wait. Link for the lazy :
  13. fastmike

    Opti Lens info?

    Just got Opti guard applied to my car. Now looking for some headlight treatment. Any info on the upcoming Opti Lens product? How does it compare to Opticoat on headlights? My lights haven't clouded yet so I think the UV is still ok, would the Opti Lens be better than the factory layer?
  14. fastmike

    Opticoat Pro Availability?

    Looking to get my car detailed and get some Opticoat applied. Figure I might as well wait for the Opticoat Professional with a warranty. Any updates on when this is going to be available?