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  1. Rob

    Protectant plus

    Thanks I thought so. Well I'm off to do the boat then. Good day
  2. Rob

    Protectant plus

    Can OP+ be used on boat seats and such or should I use something else?
  3. Rob

    Fantasy Football

    Anybody on here play FF? We should start one up on ESPN or Yahoo.
  4. Rob

    Finished Garages?

    Anyone here have a finished garage? My brother want me to do his...he wants the floor done, cabinets installed maybe some of the storewall put in. I was just wondering if any of you had yours done and could tell me what you did and what you wouldn't do again. For the floors I was thinking of doing an epoxy floor with the paint flakes. Anybody got this? The tiles seem to cheap to me. For cabinets I want these Redline cabinets I seen but I have to talk to the local dealer...I think they have to install them and I want to do it myself. So I need an alternative if that is the case. And the storewall is all basically the same so I will just order some from some company. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Rob

    Trading thread

    We need to start a trading thread on here...since we are free to to trade anything not just a certain brand. I got to trade: 2 6inch Cobra Indigo MF bonnets (I have no need for them) DP Engine Degreaser OPT Car Wash(bought a gallon but still haven't tried it...stuck on ONR) DG 105(most people probably have this but I have two bottles so I listed it) Looking for: Optibone An exterior trim protectant ~ need something better than what I got (VG trim dressing and CG VRT) the new OP+ ~ if anyone has it yet and some 4* pro line or Hi-temp products Thanks
  6. Rob

    Rain Rain Rain

    Well we have neither of those problems. over 8 inches slack on rain but also 6* cooler than average. Looks like I left Vegas at the right time.
  7. Rob

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    I thought they changed the smell...the old one had a leather smell.
  8. Rob

    Scratches in glass

    What pad did you use with it? I am thinking that I will pick some of that beats buying a whole kit. Thanks flatstick
  9. Rob

    Happy 4th of July everybody !

    I also took the day off and will be enjoying a day of cook-outs. Our menu (this is what I enjoy Off the grill Sweet and spicy spare ribs Hawaiian Chicken breast with grilled pineapple Hamburger and hot dogs Chicken Wings (appetizer) Grilled corn on the cob with Parmesan butter From the kitchen macaroni salad potato Salad fresh watermelon chips and dips(apps) Baked beans Some sort of crab dish(I don't eat seafood so I could care less) Deviled eggs Dessert Key lime pie Banana Pudding Lemon-blueberry cream pie And the sweet tea will be aplenty. With the alcohol coming later in the evening. Happy Fourth of July everyone.
  10. Rob

    Scratches in glass

    Thanks I am hoping it is just transfer...haven't had a chance to look at it. Stupid stop signs
  11. A friend of mine had a small accident and has what looks like small scratches and some paint transfer on his windshield...I was wondering if OP or OPS would remove them? I have a PC but have never polished glass before so I figured I would ask before I tried. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Rob

    Cable or Satellite?

    We experience the exact opposite where I live...My friend lose his satellite service at least once a day and the whole time a storm rolls through but in the entire time I have had Cox I have maybe lost it twice(not including the hurricanes where we lose everything) I agree that it sucks that the lower channels are not digital but I always watch the in HD so I hardly notice.
  13. Rob

    DSL, Cable or Dial-up

    WOW!!! I have the same three services(with Cox Communications) including an upgrade phone plan, the quickest internet available, and the HD box and channels and it only runs me $132 a month. Add in my tivo and Blockbuster access plan and it is almost $160.
  14. Rob

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    What are snozzleberrys? So what is the new scent? any clues?
  15. Rob

    Revised Protectant Plus?

    Alright...I actually like the smell but I understand the change.