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    1Z Glnz compatible w/ OptiSeal?

    I applied the optiseal last weekend over the 1Z Glanz and it seems to have bonded fine. I think i applied it a little thick as i had a few spots with smears. The smears were quickly remedied with a wipe over with a microfiber towel. I just applied 4 coats of the optiseal to my new wheels. I coat every night with 24hrs of drying time in between coats. hopefully this will provide some decent protection to the new wheels.
  2. ebg 18t

    Swissvax opinions?

    i have seen the results and they were quite impressive. But make sure you do the swissvax prep work to the 't'. Otherwise it is just a waste of expensive wax. I don't know anything about the longevity either. But it provided a nice warm glow to the black Cayman i saw finished with it.
  3. My car has been cleaned and polished with the 1Z lack Politour and then the 1Z Glanz. I just ordered the Opti-Seal and was hoping that i could just put the OS over the top after i wash the car next time to get the extra protection from OS. Is everything compatible? Thanks