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  1. mblgjr

    Optimum Coating on Wheels

    Ok; so WHEN is this going to be available on a consistent basis to anyone? Last I talked to Dr. G about it he was waiting on getting the name and some final paperwork down pat and squared away. Any more news?
  2. mblgjr

    OptiBond and Application?

    Just an update... I bought a little pump sprayer like the Gilmour one above (48oz. from Ace Hardware). Diluted slightly OB works GREAT. It also works great when applying other water based dressings. Its SUPER fast and applies very thin/evenly.
  3. mblgjr

    OptiBond and Application?

    Integrity: Thanks for the tip on the Wagner. I'm no pro; just have a small business fleet and don't necessarily have a power source...nor do I really want to spend the money on a Wagner... I'll try diluting it and the hand sprayer and give it a shot and update with results. Thanks!
  4. mblgjr

    OptiBond and Application?

    What about applying with one of these hand-style sprayers? Maybe not as good as a HVLP paint gun but a little more cost effective and a finer-mist/faster application than a traditional non-pressurized hand pump sprayer (quart bottle). http://www.gilmour.com/Tank-Sprayers/Hand/Hand.aspx
  5. Been looking for that "perfect" tire shine that lasts a while instead of washing off instantly with any amount of water. I'm looking for something that will provide a low-sheen/shine but be very "black" at the same time. I've searched several places and it seems OptiBond is getting applied via compressed sprayers; which I can do but don't really want to spend the money on. Will it apply ok via traditional spray bottle? I have some that produce a very fine mist... Can it be diluted at all? If so; whats recommended? Any help would be greatly appreciated and PICS of what it looks like once set would really be great.
  6. mblgjr

    Optimum Updates - Namely "X"

    If this turns out to be better than OptiSeal I'll be VERY happy. I've got a small fleet that sits outside and would love to have looks AND durability.
  7. mblgjr

    Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer

    Its also on sale here: www.specialtymotoring.com
  8. I've slowly been trying a lot of the Optimum products one at a time; as each one I have tried has yet to let me down or be anything other than what it purports to be. PoliSeal: I often just need a touch up product with light cleaning abilities as well as light correction abilities. With approx. 1/2 the cut of Opt. Polish; AND being a light carnauba sealant to boot...this really fits the bill. I highly suggest applying via machine to get the best results; I often use a PC w/LC Orange CCS pad. Works great all around. Ease of application: 10...no fuss; no muss; NO dusting; reasonable work time by machine or hand; flashes nicely even in humid conditions. Ease of removal: 10...once flashed (or if not) it wipes right off with minimal effort. Effectiveness as a polish: 10 (for me) it does EXACTLY what I want it to do; cut out very light swirls Shine: 8...once removed and buffed it has a look similar to many carnaubas and classic waxes on the market. Nice and warm with some wetness; excels on solid colors (red; yellow; orange; white esp.) Protection/durability: 8...lasts on the shy side of 3 months on a vehicle that sits outside 24/7. Worked very well at preventing bonded contaminants and beade/shed water nicely and kept its 'look' throughout that timespan. Leather Protectant: Basically a re-scented and thickened version of the older OPP that I dearly loved. Doesn't spray as nicely as the old; but applies in the same manner and is easier to apply to leather; rubber and vinyl surfaces. Easy to apply; leaves a perfect matte, non-greasy-non-messy finish; and now smells nicer! Still works well on interior plastics as well. If the old formula was in your arsenal as a favorite; don't be scared of the new formula (I was until I called the Dr.!) OID: This is my new after-wash and light touch up product for after-wash wipedowns. In short...I LOOOOVE IT!! I've never seen a QD that did so nicely. Does great on light dust; fingerprints; waterspots/streaks; and even on warm; borderline 'hot' surfaces WITHOUT streaking. Simply spray on/buff off and enjoy the LOOK! This is actually the first QD I've used that *significantly* adds to the look of the surface. Its also economical at its 3:1 dilution ration. Mix with Distilled water for best results. Happy Detailing!
  9. mblgjr

    Optimum "X" Soon To Be Released!

    Are we any closer to an actual release date?
  10. Let me know if you have it all still and if they are full. Email me if possible. Gordom1@gmail.com Very interested.