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  1. Hello from UK

    Hi Chris, welcome to another from the UK
  2. How much is too much?

    Yeah I find OID adds extra slickness
  3. new ONR wash and wax

    Maybe just well connected Whatever the reason it really is excellent especially on a sealed/waxed vehicle
  4. new ONR wash and wax

    Back door you reckon ?
  5. new ONR wash and wax

    Yeah got it now and was well worth the wait, it really is the business
  6. New ONR w/Carnuba Review

    Very suprised theres not more being said about this fantastic product.
  7. new ONR wash and wax

    When are we going to get it in the UK ?
  8. I use OC with 10% OID and ONR with 10% OID for that touch extra finish. Also OC 50/50 with ONR for some cleaning situations. They all work well with each other.
  9. Hello Ash I`ve been a member nearly 3yr and have just put in my first post All I can think is I registered and then forgot all about the forum. :o
  10. The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    Its a very fine waterless wash, very safe.
  11. The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    Its close, very close but OC covers where there might be an area of doubt if to do a full ONR wash or not.
  12. ONR QD Longevity?

    You could`ve asked me on `the other side`
  13. Optimum products are well thought of here especially ONR
  14. ONR with OCW??

    I`ve been putting OCW in my ONR for years, I also add some OID to ONR when using it as a waterless wash/QD.