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  1. carlsson

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    Are you saying then that $2500 USD?, euro? for a couple of polishers is inexpensive? Honestly, at that price, it darn well should be a hell of a lot better than the Cyclo.
  2. I'm using my 07 F-150 as guinea pig for the Cyclo and OP the last few weeks. I've come up against a problem, and that is what looks like micro circular spiderweb marring caused by the Cyclo. I'll try and get pictures up later. I've used the double precision foam pads-orange with a dime size amount of the OP, and then to the green pad and another dime size amount–this all on one half of the hood of the truck. Even went to the yellow pad on part of the hood. In general, this does seem to have removed some of the more serious pre-existing scratches and marring, but the Cyclo is leaving behind its own marring. I don't think that I'm going too dry on the pads, as I've used the pad conditioner spray pretty liberally. I seem to have hit somewhat of a wall with this issue, and don't know how to approach the next step. Any help always appreciated. Update: I went another round with a pea size amount of OP and white pads on area shown in photo. This seems to have had little to no effect on area previously hit with orange and green pads. I'd like to add that I've used very little downward pressure on Cyclo, letting the weight of the machine work for the most part.
  3. carlsson

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    Yes, so far only the OP and orange pad. My limited prior experience on my truck as a guinea pig, with only the green pad and OP, showed little, if any swirl correction. So I went with the orange pad only after that. Stupid question here, but what do you mean by finish on a white buffing pad? Do you mean work the Poli-seal in with the green pad, and then go over again with the white with another/more application of Poli-seal?
  4. carlsson

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    I would like to try the Poli-Seal, thank you for the suggestion. I take it that the Poli-Seal acts more like a finer finishing polish compared to Optimum Polish? I am having issues with my "practice" truck in that I can't seem to completely remove the seemingly minor swirling from the previous owner. I might even be adding some of my own. Also, since the truck is white, its very difficult to check results unless the sun is just right. Even the halogen lamp I have doesn't show the true story. I have to add again that I am totally new to the Cyclo, and the OP. I need a lot more practice, possibly dark color junk yard car panels would be the thing for me to get a feel for working times, product usage, etc. I am a greenhorn big time, but I am seeing improvement, rather at least I haven't ruined anything yet.
  5. carlsson

    Optimum wax applied with Cyclo?

    I figured as much. I was curious only because on the Optimum wax product description it says something like "shops use it with orbital buffers and polishers".
  6. Any better results to using machine to apply the spray wax as a last step? Or is it just a waste of time and effort?
  7. carlsson

    Noob with a Cyclo

    My sister-in-laws' beater/commuter '91 Civic. The car has some serious paint problems, but I attempted to optimize what life it had left- at least in most areas. Parts of the car, at least for ME, were irretreivable. In need of serious correction, if not a new paint job. First full car with the Cyclo. I love this thing. ONR, Meguiars clay, Optimum polish– all orange pad, Optimum wax.
  8. carlsson

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    Received the Cyclo today and went for sort of quick detail on the old Camry. Washed with the ONR and clayed with the Meguiars kit. Used the orange pad only with Optimum polish. Quick once over with minimal Optimum wax. The air quality around here is terrible–fires all around the area, so I couldn't go all out. I also wanted to use the Cyclo ASAP, if nothing else but to get a feel for it. The pics don't really do justice. The car, at least one side, does look a heck of a lot better than before. I think that if I went over again with the polish with the green pad I think I could of got it to pop out more? I have a long way to go–education wise. I love the way this Cyclo machine works, and I have a good feeling about being able to do much, much better. All in good time, right? Before: Before: Before: After: After: After: After:
  9. carlsson

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    Thanks for the reply. That's encouraging, because of course, putting out $300+ for a polisher does make me a little nervous. Especially being new to this detailing thing–that is real detailing. I've always done everything by hand on my cars over the years, I never even considered one of those $25 "orbitals". Even clay bar use is fairly new to me, and in the past, it seemed that swirls, and marring were part of the routine for me. No surprise at all for many of you experienced folks I'm sure. I'm hoping the Cyclo and some patient self training will put an end to all that, and yield at least pleasing results. I've ordered up the Cyclo with the double precision pad set, and Optimum polish for a start. I have a 15 year old Camry that I can have a bit of a go with when I get the polisher. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two Regards
  10. carlsson

    Cyclo users–opinions?

    I would like to purchase a Cyclo polisher for my own use–to maintain our own, and other family members' cars. I'm also considering to enter the business of detailing, possibly as a supplemental income at this point. I've got a lot to learn, and I'm not one to go into this sort of thing without being very well prepared, but that's another issue. I currently use a couple of Optimum products with beautiful results, the No-Rinse wash, and the spray wax. I'm interested in feedback regarding the Cyclo. I'll say that I'm leaning towards this polisher heavily because of a local detailer that has done work on 3 cars for my wife and me, and couple of friends over the last couple of years–with what I would say are very excellent results. He's very well considered around here and has more than 15 years of experience, and has done many very high end cars, has a huge portfolio to show it, and he's got regular repeat business with some obviously wealthy customers. The Cyclo is his primary tool for everything. But on the other hand, what I see on the internet forums is sort of an absence of praise, or lack of much opinion about the tool, rather the Porter Cable seems to be the standard, and the Cyclo seems to me to be sort of ignored. I'm just kinda wondering why this is, and what you users of the Cyclo here would say about it, as I have only the one personal reference to it, albeit a very positive one. Sorry for the length of the post, just want to have you know where I'm coming from.