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  1. OCP / GC vs. Clear Bra

    Yes, prep for film, film, then coat.
  2. SEMA 2014 Predictions

    Can't wait to see the new surprises!
  3. Msg them on Facebook, Ken's email domain has had issues once or twice.
  4. Just take the time to use Hyper Polish to get the correct surface. You're risking potential micro marring and unseen factors preventing a clean installation. Why risk the cost of the product off of a few hours of work?
  5. Had OC go through 1 tiny snow storm in NC (its NC... smelt everywhere). 2 clients complained of slight water hugging on the lower side panels. I suggested they use Opt's QID/Spray Wax, no issues after 2 weeks! So yes it does fine from what my clients tell me.
  6. A True Test of Opti-Coat

    Cool stuff, better market the crap out of those types of machines!
  7. hello from eastern NC

    Hello from Scary Cary!
  8. Hey from Chicagoland!

    Welcome! Detailing is hard in Chicago this time of the year.
  9. Coatings As Trim Restorers

    I've tried OC on Mini Trim and it just didnt add anything for me one bit. Trim was battered, so if you want to restore it, use sometihng like DLux. OC is for Paint/Metals IMO.
  10. Prep/adhesion promoter

    Hyper Polish followed by a damp towel wipedown.
  11. What's everyone's go to way to clean pads besides hand/washer techniques? Its the worst maintenance that I have to do. MF pad wise I've found using a grit guard as a scraper dislodges a heck of a lot of the polish residue. Always try DIY a pad washer.
  12. Paint Decontamination

    Waiting, waiting! I know its going to be great.
  13. Fun color to work on for sure. And that Glasscoat confirms the variability of the application/performance. Opticoat all the way!
  14. Just saw the Opti-Mitt!

    Any thoughts to just make it a cube or rectangular?
  15. Review: Optimum No Rinse

    New ONR Rocks with the smell & cleaning power!