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  1. soundwavefd

    Can Opti-Glass be layered/Side & Back Glass

    Chris one more question: I use standard winter formulation windshield washer fluid that contains some pretty nasty chemicals (Methyl Alcohol, Ammonia, etc) to lower freezing point and melt ice. Will this degrade the Opti-Glass Coating? Or is it pretty chemical resistant like Opt-Coat 2.0? If it will degrade it, I don't know what other options there are for Opti-Glass friendly washer fluids?
  2. soundwavefd

    Can Opti-Glass be layered/Side & Back Glass

    Just applied Opti-Glass to all my glass. Do I need to throw away the microfiber towel I used to buff off the excess because of crystallization?
  3. I just don't want to go too heavy as to remove the OG. Would stepping up to a white pad with polis-seal (3-4 passes) be too agressive? I would do a test spot first but I was not sure if this was too agressive for OG? Debating whether to leave the spots alone or go after them.
  4. Would Poli-Seal or Finish Polish be best to "Clean" Opti-Guard/Opti-Coat 2.0? I want to clean off some spider webbing swirls and tiny water spots that improper application (In the sun) of Permanon Platinum left. I was wondering what pad/speed/section pass combo I would start with (I use a PCXP)? Today I tried Poli-Seal with blue LC flat pad / speed 4 for about 2-3 section passes (Light pressure) and it did not do too much, but I was afraid of doing more passes/using more pressure for fear I would polish off the coating. Also, can I assume once I use a pad with Poli-Seal it should be a dedicated Poli-Seal pad? LOL so hard to clean it out even with Wolfgang Pad Cleaner. My goal is to remove as little OC/OG as possible. How many polishings with Poli-Seal can OG/OC stand up to? Thanks, Drew
  5. soundwavefd

    Optimum Clean and Protect Q

    OK, glad its normal!
  6. soundwavefd

    Optimum Clean and Protect Q

    I properly prepped the glass surfaces of my Dad's Maxima a few weeks ago and applied opti-glass. When I go to use clean and protect (Diluted according to Optimum specs) to clean the glass and boost the coating after a maintenance wash, the glass feels really dry when I am buffing/wiping off the clean and protect that I sprayed on. In the past I used spray sealants on the glass and buffing it off felt slippery? Is this normal?
  7. Beetlevw72 - Thanks! Chris, do the flouropolymers in OID offer any protection like a spray sealant or wax would. And by protection I mean UV and also the physical protection that a spray wax/sealant would provide. Not that OG needs it but just wondering.
  8. soundwavefd

    Best Video/Writeup on Opti-Coat 2.0 application

    Chris, I used a few high-end microfibers to buff off high spots during OC application. And I probably did more buffing than I should have as well, so much so that I added an extra coat because I was afraid I had buffed it too soon before the product had fully dissapeared into the paint. The OC will not cause the microfibers to harden up and scratch my paint or anything like that will they? The towels are not something I have to discard right? I washed them with MF detergent afterwards but have lost track of which ones I used for the OC.
  9. Ok sounds good. I will blend with distilled water and shake before use. Thanks Chris!
  10. Chris, I am going to get the concentrate. How long does it last when mixed with distilled water?
  11. Good info Chris! I'm going to give OID a go!
  12. I am always looking for toppers that will add a bit of gloss/slickness or protection to Opti-Guard. The ones I choose must keep the original properties of Opti-Guard Coating intact, mainly the stay clean and the low dust attraction properties. The only two toppers that fit the bill that I have found so far are Carpro Reload and Permanon Platinum. I don't see putting a wax or sealant spray over opti-coat as I believe the car will take on the properties of wax/sealant and not stay as clean and attract more dust. Would Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer be a good choice of a topper to add slickness/gloss while keeping the coating properties intact? Thanks, Drew
  13. soundwavefd

    Best Video/Writeup on Opti-Coat 2.0 application

    bump for info
  14. soundwavefd

    Best Video/Writeup on Opti-Coat 2.0 application

    Thanks John and Chris! I think it came out really clear so I'm in the clear lol! Do you guys feel that Carpro Eraser is a good wipedown product prior to Opti-Coat application? I have heard it does leave an "Anti-static" coating that could interfere with bonding. I have also heard it may not be enough to clear the oils off the surface from a product like Meguiars 205 or other oil heavy polishes?