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  1. Pat

    New ONR and OPti-Seal videos coming soon

    bumpity bump. Why not use google video?
  2. Pat

    When might we see the new OCW?

    booo! Is it out yet? I only have a few oz of OCW left, so I need to order some soon!
  3. Pat

    davidb pricey new line

    there is one out there somewhere. The guy did it from a time perspective. I think he used 106FF and polished for X amount of time on one side and then the same with the UDM on the other. I will try to find it but i have looked for it with no luck.
  4. Pat

    Question for Anthony and Ron.

    If you had a class over the summer, I would try to make it down from Calgary.
  5. Pat

    davidb pricey new line

    That would be sweet. Meguiar's will most likely add a lifetime warranty to it. The back their products up every well...even if they don't make them.
  6. Pat

    davidb pricey new line Most reviews for it aren't that good.
  7. yes, it can be used. It has quite a bit more cut than OC
  8. I got the pads back to normal. I used really hot water and some "clean and clear" yes..clean and clear. I have no idea why I tried it, but it works!
  9. Pat

    Porsche Poster

    Thank you very much for looking! I guess I will have to buy that book to find out what it is called. I might look for the book on e-bay, because its $115 new!
  10. Pat

    Anyone Up For Some Live Chat??

    Just a side note to those who don't havea mic and speaker set up. You can get a pretty good set from anywhere that sells gaming goods. It is actually a mic of the PS2, and it is made my logitec. Because of the introduction of PS3, and should be able to get them for really cheap. I got mine for under $15. [/off topic]
  11. Pat

    More tutorials

    Maybe a PC tutorial would be good. Although I am debating on getting a cyclo or a metabo soon too.
  12. uh oh, so it was probably bad of me to leave those pads out in sun. I guess it is time for me to change to EDGE pads.
  13. Thats a beautiful house you have there!
  14. I have posted this on a few forums already. This came up on another forum, but who here uses their at 3000RPM? Yes that is RPM. I'll admit that I am not a pro but I just wanted to know if any pro's out there use their rotary at 3000RPM for polishing. Thanks in advance. If not what would you say is a good range?
  15. That was a good read! I know who I am emailing my chem homework to