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  1. Hi, Does Opti-Clean trap dirt particles in microfibre towels and stain them greyish brown the way Optimum No Rinse does? Thanks. Keith
  2. Chris, Thanks for the reply. I tried using a sponge with ONR, I think it worked better than microfibre mitts and doesn't get stained. Using a sponge does use up more wash solution, closer to 4 gallons than 2, but it isn't a problem. Keith
  3. Chris, Thank you for your reply. It definitely works quite differently than regular car wash shampoo. I will pick up a sponge and see how whether that releases dirt better. Even if the staining is safe, it is difficult to see whether there is dirt trapped in the wash media during the wash process. With regular car shampoo, the wash media picks the dirt up and deposit it in the rinse bucket. With ONR, where is most of the dirt supposed to go? My rinse bucket was virtually clean, even though the mitt was badly soiled. Should the dirt flow down to the ground encapsulated in the wash solution, or rinsed out of the wash media into the rinse bucket? I am trying to figure out how wet the panels are supposed to be during wash. Is it supposed to be... in the order of wetness, "wet" (some wash solution), "soaked" (a lot of wash solution), "saturated" (as much wash solution on the panels as possible without dripping) or "dripping wet"? Thanks again.
  4. I tried ONR for the first time and it cleans pretty well. However, the microfibre chenille wash mitt seemed to hold on to all the dirt picked up from the car, and was practically grayish-brown by the end of the wash. Rinsing the mitt in a rinse bucket didn't do anything, and the mitt remained stained after going through the washing machine twice. The staining finally came off after spraying it with all-purpose cleaner and handwashing it in a bucket. Is this normal? Is there a way rinse the dirt out during the wash process? Where is the dirt supposed to go with ONR? Trapped in the wash media, or dripped off to the ground in the wash solution? Thanks. Keith