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  1. gbackus

    Optimum HD Degreaser Concentrate

    it's an old outdated product, a generation behind power clean
  2. gbackus

    Help with applying Opti-Coat

    I thought this coating was supposed to be offered only to professionals that were going to be buying into the territory? Surely if that's the case some training would have been provided for application of the product.
  3. gbackus

    Polycharger and OCW

    When I was beta testing, I tired NXT and Polycharged NXT side by side on the same car hood. The polycharged side still had noticable(severely diminished) beading after 2 ABC washes, the unpolycharged side was completey gone after the first ABC wash.
  4. gbackus

    Optimum Updates - Namely "X"

    I got to try a late Beta version of the product on a very nasty car and results were least as good as ABC(did not have any on hand to directly compare) in about 1/3rd of the time. I'm hoping to try and get another bottle from David to get some pictures this time.
  5. gbackus

    Exterior Moldings?

    I've given up on optimum products as exterior dressings. The optibond is great on tires, and OP+ is great on interiors, but for exterior moldings and rubber trim, the only thing that seems to last for me is a solvent based dressing(I only use meg's all season or valugards trim and molding), or Ultima's trim sealant.
  6. gbackus

    Opti APC mini review

    I have a lengthy review on some products coming up, and had a similar experience; I found that Power clean at full strength worked well as a spray on, let dwell, rinse off cleaner, but due to the price of the product, it works just as well if dulted 3:1, sprayed on, let dwell, then given mild agitation. Also, the biggest benefit of power clean that I found was that it rinsed off easily with just no rinse, even the backs of wheels rinsed off well.
  7. gbackus

    PC Backing plates

    are these still available?
  8. gbackus

    Brushes and cleaning accessories

    I really like SM Arnold products, unfortunately the backwards ass detail supply vendors out here don't carry schnike and won't order anything they don't normally keep in stock, and diycleaning will kill you on shipping If you know any other good online vendors I'd appreciate it.
  9. gbackus

    Brushes and cleaning accessories

    All the brushes I just threw out were Meguiar's, and most of the stuff I can get locally is crap LOL
  10. So now that it's that time of year to undo the abuse and neglect on the personal vehicles, I figured it would be the perfect time to clean out the "closet" and pick up an entirely new set of brushes and cleaning accessories. I'm already set on towels, pads, and chemicals. Normally I'd use my steamer for 90% of all interior cleaning, but the cheapy I had is broken and I can't afford an industrial unit right now, so I'm going to have to completely redo my interior process(at the least ill pick up a small compressor). Also, I live by the "less is more mantra", so I like to get the job done with the least amount of chemicals, least amount of tools, and least amount of time to do something right, so suggestions along these lines are best Specifically, here's some stuff I'm looking for. Wheel brushes(face brushes as well as something to reach deep into the wheel itself) Wheel well brush(es) (ideally something that can fit into the super tight wells of an Audi or BMW, and that will also work well with the power clean/no rinse combo) Tire Brush Exterior brush for slotted and honeycomb plastic grills Vinyl and/or leather brush Crevice brush(something that would work well in conjunction with compressed air) carpet brush(although I'm thinking about picking up some of those rotary style brushes Bud A sells)
  11. gbackus

    davidb pricey new line

    Because as far as I know, no one else here was on mobileworks forums when that photo was originally posted; unless you are posting under a different name, or the person who originally posted that photo put it up somewhere else before he managed to get banned, then I'd ASSUME you probably don't know the origin of that photo either.
  12. gbackus

    davidb pricey new line

    ROFL I'm probably the only one on this board(other than Anthony) who gets that picture!
  13. gbackus

    WTB sample of OptiBone Tire gel

    If you like the tire shine, I'd highly recomend buying the tire gel, it's much better, can be applied by hand or sprayed on, and works much better on rubber trim(so far).
  14. gbackus

    WTB sample of OptiBone Tire gel

    thread title?
  15. gbackus

    Dr. G, possible clay replacement?

    First reports that I've gotten so far is that the new rubber foam blocks work very well, and very quickly, however, they work very much like agressive clay, meaning it will marr the surface slightly. I'll report back if I find that it may be user error due to working with an unfamiliar product, but I doubt it. It also works amazingly well on overspray, and what I(and at least one other) think it may be, is a super fine sandpaper type coating(much like the 15000 and 30000 grit stuff you can get from micromesh and some other suppliers). Also wondering if OPT is any closer to coming up with an alternative?