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  1. Reflections

    Anyone using this?

    Interesting- I've never heard of applying the Opti-Bond tire gel with a spray gun. I do find it a bit difficult to wipe onto tires that have vertical ridges due to the individual ridges pulling and holding product and not allowing it to spread evenly across the tire. I may purchase the gun now just to avoid this. I love the Opti-bond but have resorted back to HyperDressing due to to the application (or overapplication) flaws caused by the inability to spread evenly. I think now, I should just buy the spray gun and try this. Chris- you mentioned you were mixing this @ 1:1- anyone else doing anything diffrently? What's the finish like at 1:1?
  2. Reflections

    OptiGuard on Single Stage Paint

    I'm thrilled to see that this works on single stage paints. I still haven't had the opportunity to use this yet for any customers, but I have a test panel that I will be using it on to test the ease of application for myself.
  3. Reflections

    Opticoat Plastic Headlight Protection

    Looking forward to OptiLense to add to the arsenal. Unfortunately currently protectants and sealants just don't provide the necessary UV protection needed to prevent future yellowing or hazing caused by the sun. The proper procedure would be to reapply a new UV coating after the previous one was sanded away- I can't wait to try OptiLense and how this works to prevent the yellowing. Chris- will there be a warrant available for this product as well?
  4. Reflections

    Opti Coat a year later

    Results still look spectacular!
  5. Reflections

    OptiGuard on Single Stage Paint

    I'm impressed with 1 1/2 years and hope to get this kind of durability in the future with single stage paints. On this particular vehicle I did not offer OptiGuard as the protective coating- stricly due to the fact that I could not ensure the customer of its durability but on a 2004 Toyota Sequoia being a fairly new vehicle, Seems that it should work well, based on Chris' response on modern single stage. Time to test and see!
  6. Reflections

    OptiGuard on Single Stage Paint

    I haven't seen this specific topic covered and ran into this last weekend. There are of course many issues with the longevity of the luster of a single stage paint if the client is not doing their end to keep it up. I was curious if anyone has tested OptiGuard on a single stage paint and if so, what was the result? Can we expect the formula to bond in the same fashion as it does to clear coated paint? Can it still be sold as a permanent coating? If no one has tried this and there is no definitive answer, I will certainly go buy a test panel that has single stage, polish and apply for testing purposes.
  7. Reflections

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    Understandable, still can't wait for these! Winter project is to grow my relationship with dealers, would love to have this service available to add to the arsenal. I've not used the Tornado, something you would recommend for regular use or heavily soiled carpets?
  8. Reflections

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    Any update on the carpet cleaner? I agree with Scottwax (rather his son) @ 3:1, there is little and I mean very little effort needed to removed stains, grease, grime, etc.. I cleaned a big rig this weekend, 3 years old, smoker, greaser, heavily soiled carpet, vinyl, cloth and dash. Sprayed it all down, wiped away and done! Little to no effort at all.
  9. Reflections

    Market OG/OC to dealerships, etc.?

    I couldn't make SEMA, anyone have any updated information on the warranties, interior products, or marketing materials?
  10. Reflections

    Hello from Delaware

    I'm pretty confident I won't find many Delaware comrades on here, but there might be a few floating around! I've been floating around other forums for a number of years. Finally started using the OPT products recently have can definitely say that I am a convert, now. currently loving Opti-Guard and OptiBond tire gel. If you haven't used/tried either, highly recommended!