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  1. Setec Astronomy

    When Did The Spray Polishes Get So Expensive?

    I'm not sure where mine is leaking when I shake it, whether it's from the threads or somewhere else in the sprayer. I have to go through my bottles and dispenser caps and find something to put the GPS in, I'm pretty sure I can find something that will work. I think I had to change the sprayer on the GPS because it exploded, unless it was on one of the other spray polishes that that happened.
  2. Setec Astronomy

    When Did The Spray Polishes Get So Expensive?

    LOL...okay. I'm afraid to use my Poli-Seal because I can't get any more, I don't like using my GPS because every time I shake it up I get solvent all over my hand. I thought maybe I'd order another bottle of GPS to put in a squeeze bottle....but not for $30 when my bottle is almost full. I'll just have to find a cap, take the sprayer out, and shake it up real good and pour it into something else. And I guess do the same thing with my Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish, since every time I get the sprayer to work, the next time it...doesn't. Oh, and that's too complicated to have to call up to get a sample size, who uses the phone anymore? If I can't put it in my internet cart, well...I guess I'm not getting a sample size.
  3. Setec Astronomy

    When Did The Spray Polishes Get So Expensive?

    My original thought was that if low sales was the reason the lotion/creme polishes were discontinued, then that doesn't bode well for the spray polishes at the current price point. However, it seems I haven't been keeping up with the price of polishes/compounds, there are certainly more expensive ones out there, and less (on a per-ounce basis). But most of those other polishes have an entry point for the smallest bottle of $20-24. Maybe an 8oz non-spray bottle of the spray polishes would be a good entry-point addition to the line, especially since most people seem to dislike/not use/break the sprayers.
  4. Is it my imagination, or didn't the spray polishes used to cost around $18 for the the 18oz spray bottle? Because now they are $30. The GPS is $20.
  5. Setec Astronomy

    Tweaked ONR

    Great news...I've been clamoring for less media staining ever since products came to market that did better at that than ONR.
  6. Setec Astronomy

    Gelcoat Restorer Off-Label Uses

    Just to update this: GCR as failed-clearcoat fix: As I stated in the first post, this did do something. I think a applied it again, it's a little complicated because this was failed clear on a back bumper cover, and I had tried some cheapo clear bra material on it a few years ago, which ultimately shriveled and peeled, so as more peels off I have applied some more GCR. Anyway, it seems to have helped some, which is better than nothing. GCR as a tire coating: I actually haven't gotten a look at the tire back I pictured above, but I took the plunge and did the fronts of my daily-driver (as daily as it is in a pandemic), I dunno, about a month ago? I cleaned the tires with OPC and then some McKee's, and finally with some Tuf Shine cleaner. I haven't ever dressed the tires but they came with some greasy kid stuff from the dealer a year ago. Anyway, they came out great, too shiny for me at first, but they have toned down a bit. I don't know how the formula differs from the real Optimum tire coating, but this stuff seems fine, so far, oh, and none of the problems people have mentioned with trying to get an even finish with the tire coating, of course a lot of that has to do with the tire, age, previous dressings, cleaning, and, um...your level of perfectionism, which I certainly didn't have for this. All I know is they are going to be real easy to clean at the next wash.
  7. Setec Astronomy

    Loss of Lotion Polishes and Poli-Seal

    Is anyone else as disappointed with this as I am? In case anyone doesn't know, Compound II, Polish II, Finish, and Poli-Seal were all recently discontinued in favor of the spray products. I like the spray products, but for someone who doesn't use them regularly, the sprayers clog, and I've had one physically break and fly apart (presumably because it was clogged). Also, the whole spray concept can be trying, I usually joke that when I spray the polish on the pad, I also get it on the polisher, my arm, the car, the house, the dog...oh wait...that's not a joke. And the solvent package in the sprays really lingers, you can't get away from the smell and it's hard to wash out if it's on your hands or towels or pads. I understand the lotions were not a big seller and considered to be "older technology", but certainly part of the slow sales is not really having anyone online pushing these products out in the larger forum/YouTube world, and I guess of course polishes sell less than wash and sealant/wax in general. I'm sorry, I'm just venting. It just seems like in the world of "mass-customization" we ought to still be able to get these products, even if it's only direct from OPT. Maybe cut the sizes down to one instead of four, instead of 8 oz, quart, half-gallon, and gallon, maybe just sell the quart size. Or a 16 oz.
  8. Setec Astronomy

    Difference between GPS and poli-seal

    I'm still mourning the loss of Poli-Seal and the lotion polishes. I tried to use my GPS a couple of weeks ago every time I shook it solvent leaked out of the stem and got all over me. Probably this has something to do with the replacement sprayer I had to put on the bottle because the original clogged and broke. I may just have to transfer it to a squeeze bottle, but at any rate, I was missing Poli-Seal (I still have a little bit, but I'm now afraid to use it because I can't get any more).
  9. I don't know about the shop doing all the selling, there is a dealer/applicator listing on the Opti-Coat website; of course, the potential customer has to find the Opti-Coat website. I too would love to be able to get the pro coatings, but I think you are missing/forgetting the reason for the way things are, whether you agree with the premise or not--when OC 2.0 was available (which originally was said to be the same as the pro version, later said to be "watered down"), authorized pro installers felt they were getting undercut by "gypsy" installers who could easily buy a syringe that said "Opti-Coat" (2.0) on it and give a customer "Opti-Coat" with no warranty for a lot less than the authorized installers. So the decision was made to make the "retail" product less capable and call it something different (Gloss-Coat). I know it's frustrating when for the most part in the internet age, it's easy to get "professional" products for your personal use.
  10. Setec Astronomy

    Is there an Opti-Coat Pro patent?

    Ron, you know I love Optimum...but Opti-Seal wasn't even the first WOWA sealant to market, Zaino beat Optimum by some months back in 2007. I still remember Anthony Orosco beside himself that someone had come out with a similar product seemingly in parallel (since, per Anthony's telling, he put the idea for a sealant that you just "wipe on, and walk away" into Dr. G's ear, and had of course been the Alpha tester during the development). There were 3 WOWA sealants that came out in 2007, and a few more since.
  11. Setec Astronomy

    Ferrex as a wheel cleaner?

    To be honest I haven't developed a rinseless wheel regimen that I'm happy with. Partly because I have tons of conventional shampoo, I tend to do a conventional wash on wheels, even if I am doing a rinseless on the rest of the car. A lot of this is to scrub the tire, and maybe that will change if I ever run out of tire dressing and switch to a coating. Again I would suggest a coating on the wheels, that will go a long way towards helping you get to a "spray and rinse" result. Not sure how Gloss-Coat will hold up to Ferrex; I have some old Opti-Coat 2.0 I use for wheels.
  12. Setec Astronomy

    Ferrex as a wheel cleaner?

    Oh, now I see more where you were going in that other thread. Let me put it this way...if your wheels have a lot of buildup or if you have pads/rotors that shed a lot of particles (or your driving style encourages that...ahem), then you are likely to have to do a lot of agitation, especially the first time. Once you get them clean, you may be able to get away with the spray-and-rinse if you're doing it weekly. To help with that you might want to think about coating the wheels, or at a minimum use a spray sealant or wax weekly when drying, that will go a long way. There are also some spray on/hose off SiO2 products that are good for things like wheels, that you could do outside after the Ferrex, and refresh it every month or two.
  13. Setec Astronomy

    Opti-clean on tires

    Why don't you want to agitate the Ferrex? As A&J suggested, I would use the Ferrex outside, with a good agitation and rinse, then bring the car inside and spray and wipe with the Opti-Clean to get rid of any water spotting. Or are you going to pressure wash the Ferrex off? If so it's possible you could skip the agitation.
  14. Setec Astronomy

    Infotainment Screen & Dash Clear Plastic

    I personally would not use Protectant Plus on a touch screen or my instrument cluster. The Optimum product I would use is Opti-Clean, but make sure to spray it on your towel, and not on the surface, as you don't want to get any product inside either the electronics of the touchscreen, nor the enclosure for the instruments. Be gentle as these surfaces can scratch easily and it can be REALLY annoying once that happens. Use a good quality, clean microfiber, and flip it to a clean side often to prevent grinding any dirt or dust into the surface.
  15. Setec Astronomy

    New to Fourm

    Welcome to the forum, you might want to think about using ONR Wash & Wax, since it adds some UV protection. It is going to have a little more tendency to streak when drying in that hot AZ sun.