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  1. Setec Astronomy

    Gloss Coat re-invented?

    I dunno, all LSP's fill to a certain extent. And we were only about 5 minutes into the "12-15 hour cure time"...would it look different after that?
  2. Setec Astronomy

    New member from Oregon

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. Well, since I have enough isocyanates in my life, I didn't want to use the Clearcoat Restorer, so I tried the Gelcoat Restorer on some failed clear on my SO's car that she's getting rid of shortly. It did improve the gloss quite a bit and created some hydrophobicity, not sure if I will be able to test the longevity depending on how long she has the car. My thinking on this was if the GCR soaks into chalked gelcoat and makes it glossy again, then maybe it will soak into basecoat and make it glossy again. Which it did, sort of. It was a little streaky, however. Sorry, no pictures (I know, I know). My next off-label use is going to be as a tire coating, since I have a quart of this stuff and it looks just like a tire coating.
  4. Setec Astronomy

    MSDS for new Optimum products

    I understand...however, how can you be selling a product without having an SDS available? Particularly one with the kinds of PPE and sensitivity warnings in the blurb this one has.
  5. Hmm...first of all I can't believe it was 2013 when this product came out, but I too have only used it at 1:3 and was unaware you could dilute it further.
  6. Setec Astronomy

    MSDS for new Optimum products

    Ron, is there anyway we can get this problem solved with adding the SDS's for the new products to the download section? I'm really interested in the CCR but I have to understand the isocyanate hazard before I pull the trigger.
  7. Setec Astronomy

    Detail experts

    They all seem to use some other brand of film...
  8. Setec Astronomy

    Detail experts

    Hey Ron? I looked for an Opti-Film installer here in NJ (or in the tri-state area NY/NJ/PA) and couldn't find anything, and got weird listings for the installers that were listed here in NJ--like they aren't certified for anything--how can you list an installer that's not really an installer? Can you clarify? I'm not sure if there is a bug in the software or if I'm not understanding something.
  9. Setec Astronomy

    Optimum products on non-ceramic coated car?

    Of course.
  10. Setec Astronomy

    Not removing Hyper Compound Residue

    This recommendation has been around a long time, I remember Scottwax on Autopia talking about this with I think the original Optimum polishes. I recall it was compound, go right over it with polish, then take the residue off with OCW, done. I think that's good for a pro detailer on a regular car (or someone who's got physical issues where they want to do less wiping), I'm not sure I'd ever do it.
  11. Most of those iron-eating wheel cleaners (Ferrex included, although I haven't used my Ferrex yet) don't really do a great job on tires. If you have some APC or even some pH-neutral wheel cleaner like P21S or some of the similar ones (which are similar to APC's) they are generally better at cleaning tires for dressing. OPC happens to be a really good APC.
  12. Setec Astronomy

    MDR frozen

    Does it still look transparent? I think it is probably fine but I'm sure Ron will chime in with the official verdict.
  13. Setec Astronomy

    New member from Tulsa, OK

    Hey, welcome to the forum. 12 years? I don't think there was any other rinseless 12 years ago except QEW--yeah, ONR is a noticeable improvement over that.
  14. Water-based dressings like Opti-Bond are going to have challenges driving in the rain, but it sounds like, as Ron suggested, you need to clean the tire. I have also had the experience you have, where you put a dressing on over blooming on the tire, and it doesn't "stick" and washes right off. I would suggest Optimum Power Clean diluted with 3 parts water and a scrub brush, rinse, wait for a dry surface and then apply the Opti-Bond. If you wash your car once a week and reapply, you probably will only need to do this scrubbing every month or two. Or for better durability try the Optimum Tire Coating.
  15. Water spots are going to depend a lot more on the water than the wax, me thinks. My solution would be not to get the dealer wash, but that's just me.