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    Ok, let's ask some questions... What is a Big Gold Sponge? Does it replace the blue sponge or the BRC? How is it different? The's changing from the basecoat/topcoat to just a single part? Why?
  2. Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    In the interest of starting unsubstantiated rumors, it has been brought to my attention that the PBMG web stores do not have Optimum Poli-Seal in stock, and that one of them states "New Formula Coming Soon!" I also note that the Optimum store has Poli-Seal in stock. Since it's the PBMG/Autgeek Detail Fest this weekend, and OPT will surely have a booth, and Yvan is conducting seminars...are we going to hear something this weekend about a new formula of Opti-Seal?
  3. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Well, I'm glad to see you around!
  4. Opti-Seal Q&A

    BENCE?!?!?! OMG!!! Long time no see!!!
  5. Optimum Pad Selection

    Ok, it looks like we haven't had any pad discussions in a long time, so let's talk about the current pad selection from the Optimum store. It looks like the current lineup (excluding microfiber, which I'll get to later), in order of aggressiveness, is this: Hyper Wool Foam Pad Orange Waffle Foam Pad Black Waffle Foam Pad Blue Waffle Foam Pad Now I remember a few years ago when the colors of the (then) Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish were changed to orange and blue, respectively, to match the waffle pads. One can kind of extrapolate to today that Hyper Compound (white) would be matched with the (purple) Hyper Wool Foam Pad, the Intensive Polish with the Orange Waffle, and the Hyper Polish with the Blue Waffle. So I'm trying to understand how the Black Waffle fits in and what it would be used for. I thought maybe this was the pad for doing a one-step, since it seems to be in-between the Orange and Blue, but the product pages suggest it is the followup to the Orange Waffle...which I thought was the Blue... I understand that polishing aggressiveness is a combination of pad, polish, and machine, and that anything is just a general guideline because every job is different, I'm just trying to understand how the pads fit into the "system" and also how it relates to the crème polishes, which have a slightly different level of cut to their sprayable cousins. So that brings us to the microfiber pads, and how these compare contrast with the wool and foam, what people are using them for, etc. I have to say although I have the Optimum microfiber pads, they are my least favorite out of the 3 brands of MF pads that I have.
  6. Brand new car headlights

    Holy cow this thread is off the rails...Opti-Lens won't bond to factory headlight coating but Opti-Coat or Gloss-Coat will? AFAIK Opti-Lens IS Opti-Coat with added UV inhibitors. And you would have to be insane to sand off new factory coating to replace it with Opti-Lens, since O-L only lasts a year or two on bare headlights.
  7. Best Applicator for Opti-Bond Tire Gel?

    Wow, this is an old thread with a lot of dead links.
  8. Glass coat

    No, I don't think I did, it's possible I haven't used it since then, I've been trying to use up some old Rain-X I have.
  9. Glass coat

    You haven't? I believe I posted last year about mine being clogged. EDIT: Here it is:
  10. Hyper Seal

    I guess we don't know if all of this is apples to apples, since for instance, earlier in this thread Scott H. said that Opti-Coat ONR had more gloss than ONRWW...not sure if that implies it protects like ONRWW or is just an appearance comment. And Hyper Seal, if it applies like Opti-Seal, would appear to be quite a bargain at twice the amount for five bucks more...but I'm guessing you use a lot more than Opti-Seal. I'm presuming at some point Ron or someone will give us a rundown of how these Opti-Coat products compare to their regular-line counterparts. I will say this appears to be a bit of a departure from Dr. G's usual product modesty, to come out with a line in glitzy packaging with premium pricing, seemingly emphasizing form over function. Hopefully some of these have more "function" than their counterpart products.
  11. Hyper Seal

    I'm thinking who is this Scott H. guy and why/how does he have access to all these products that aren't available yet...then it hit me! I didn't make the connection without your usual forum name...good to see you posting at some forum, if not around the old haunts.
  12. Do not polish off water spot?

    There's a lot of things I can't explain about that site.
  13. Power Cleaning staining asphalt driveway

    Yes, and apparently hosting driveway cleaning spammers in the form of Ms. do you pronounce swindle??
  14. Opticoat Pro Plus - application methods

    OMG, 4 coats? With alternating hand/spraygun? That really makes no sense to me.
  15. ONR & Opti-clean New formula

    If it was one of those small tweaks, they don't announce them with "new version" labels. Given the timing, etc. I have to conclude that you have gotten old stock. That still means it's the latest version. The V2 ONR still came in the translucent bottles, they started the transparent bottles with V3.
  16. ONR & Opti-clean New formula

    I agree...I'm just saying I don't think it's going to happen.
  17. ONR & Opti-clean New formula

    I'm sure Dr. G isn't going to do that, then those labels would have a built-in "expiration date". In the past new versions of product have been delayed simply to use up old labels. I can't remember what it was and the post is gone because it was Chris Thomas.
  18. ONR & Opti-clean New formula

    Seems unlikely they would still be putting "new formula" stickers on last year from the 5-year-ago change...but also, if it was a new formula last year, wouldn't we have heard about it by now?
  19. ONR & Opti-clean New formula

    Well, it's possible Dr. G just snuck out a new formula for both, but I'd say it's equally likely (perhaps more likely) that you got some older stock that still had the "new formula" sticker from the last time they changed the two, which was a few years ago. Where did you buy it?
  20. I'd just leave it alone for now and see how it goes. You're probably coming into pollen season...if you've got any uneven areas that stress will probably reveal it pretty quickly.
  21. Big Red Sponge

    Whaddya tawkin...they're eye-wateringly expensive here in the US!
  22. Big Red Sponge

    I'm with you...I'll stick with what I learned from Bence (which I think came from Dr. G) back in the old days on another forum. I don't really care what happened in some Rag Co. video.
  23. Big Red Sponge

    I'm with you...I'll stick with what I learned from Bence (which I think came from Dr. G) back in the old days on another forum. I don't really care what happened in some Rag Co. video.
  24. Big Red Sponge

    IMO if you're getting dirt on your drying towels you're not doing enough washing before you dry. Just like with a conventional wash, sometimes you have to go over an area more than once to get it clean. Try doing one pass with one side of the BRS, then going back over with the the other side to remove any remaining dirt. I don't have a BRS, but another thing I've done, with that kind of wash media, is you kind of have 4 sides, if you use the two edges. What I'm saying is kind of like if you were washing with a folded towel, where you flip or re-fold to get to a clean surface, you can wash a panel using the two sides of the BRS, then go back using the edges for a final pass. Anyway, my recommendation is, if you're having this problem, is go back for a second pass with the other (clean) side of the BRS. You really want the dirt in your wash media and not your drying media.
  25. Brad, I guess I'm a little late to this party far as using other products on top and worrying about changing the characteristics of the coating...I kind of scratch my head when this stuff comes up because pretty much anything that you use has the potential to do that. Doesn't every car wash have some sort of polymer/surfactant package in it for a variety of purposes (sheeting, beading, cleaning, gloss)? And of course to an even greater extent QD's, etc. IMO a lot of the synergy in "Optimum Synergy" is process related, and more decisions about the chemistry, rather than the chemistry itself, if that makes any sense. I mean, Sal may make sure to put the same polymer in everything he makes so that they all produce the same beading, I don't sense that Dr. G is trying to do that--make the products produce the same beading as Gloss-Coat (or vice-versa). Your questions about Opti-Seal, it's a WOWA like Zaino Clear-Seal or UPPG--you must have used one of them?