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  1. Ron@Optimum

    What is this to?

    That is the sprayer for Carpet & Fabric, you didn't mention that product.
  2. Ron@Optimum

    What is this to?

    Probably Opti-Seal, smaller than the other spray heads.
  3. Ron@Optimum

    First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    Your methodology is fine. Hyper Polish can be applied by hand with a microfiber or pad. You can apply Gloss-Coat to any exterior hard surface, including glass - the admonition against glass is that wipers will remove the Coating, greatly reducing the durability. It works great on wiperless glass.
  4. Ron@Optimum

    Optiseal right after gloss coat application

    Both methods will work, there is no recommended wipedown - but you don't need to go back over Opti-Seal after application.
  5. Ron@Optimum

    New guy from Indiana

    I lived in Bloomington for 5 years, both my kids were born there, tough duty for a Boilermaker!
  6. Ron@Optimum

    New guy from Indiana

    I'm from Fort Wayne but have been gone a long, long time...
  7. Ron@Optimum

    New guy from Indiana

    Welcome to Optimum from a fellow Hoosier -
  8. Ron@Optimum

    SEMA 2018

    I understand the Clear Coat Restorer will be available sometime during the first quarter, nothing yet on the other products.
  9. Ron@Optimum

    New to the product and lots of questions

    I know professional installers who use a single bucket (I use a divided bucket) with no problems. Optimum does not recommend one method over another (unless giving personal opinions). My drying towel collects some minimal dirt, usually around corners/nooks/crannies where the BRS doesn't make as much contact. Again, too much dirt on your drying towel is a bad sign. As to Setec's point of accepting some marring, I have a Coated car that has not marred at all and an uncoated car that has minimal marring/micro marring - same dude washing, same products, same procedures. Sales pitch for Coating?
  10. Ron@Optimum

    New to the product and lots of questions

    Opti-Seal does make drying towels more efficient, they absorb better and get wetter. Most marring is caused during the drying phase and your towel should not be too dirty (always collects some dirt) - I always recommend doing a second pass with the BRS if your towel is getting dirty. Hope that's it...easy to fix.
  11. Ron@Optimum

    New to the product and lots of questions

    Can I assume you used the inspection light before washing, so you know marring was caused by the wash? With the products/accessories you named, there should not have been damage.
  12. Ron@Optimum

    New member from NC

    Welcome onboard and ask away, many great (and helpful) posters on the OPT Forum!
  13. Ron@Optimum

    SEMA 2018

    That is correct - CCR is a "restorer", not replacer.
  14. Ron@Optimum

    SEMA 2018

    According to Yvan - to know when Clear Coat Restorer will be effective, if a damp microfiber makes the paint look good, CCR will work. If it's hazing, flaking or peeling, you need a body shop.
  15. Ron@Optimum

    SEMA 2018

    Setec, none of the new Optimum products are Pro only, but only GCR is available today. While Optimum Coatings (Pro and Retail) are being applied on boats today, they are not as effective in Marine usages - not as mar proof or durable on gelcoat. Dr G felt he could produce a Marine product with improved performance and formulated GCR. His is a restless mind and he hates to over promise/under perform - ergo a Marine line.