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  1. Ron@Optimum

    Greetings from Erie, PA

    Ditto what Kid says -
  2. Ron@Optimum

    Hyper seal

    we recommend minimum of 40 degrees F
  3. Ron@Optimum

    Swirls in Opticoat pro after 1 year

    It would depend - the installer would determine
  4. Ron@Optimum

    Swirls in Opticoat pro after 1 year

    You are doing the right thing, your installer is the right person to review your paint and suggest corrections.
  5. Ron@Optimum

    Crazy discount ONR Opti-Coat store!!

    interesting thought...
  6. Ron@Optimum

    Gelcoat restorer

    one suggestion for future applications, the last 2 coats use an up and down motion instead of circular -
  7. Ron@Optimum

    Crazy discount ONR Opti-Coat store!!

    unlikely (up to the distributors), but one can dream -
  8. Ron@Optimum

    How to remove dried out Polish

    IPA does not harm paint, was the suggested wipe down product prior to developing Paint Prep. Power Clean is more generic, but Paint Prep removes wax, sealant, and polish, so might be a good choice.
  9. Ron@Optimum

    How to remove dried out Polish

    I was going to suggest concentrated Power Clean, but you said you've tried APC in the past. That rules out Paint Prep as well. Have you tried polishing, maybe by hand?
  10. Ron@Optimum

    ONR is safe on new smart repair

    Yes, ONR is safe on new paint/chip repair
  11. Ron@Optimum

    Product Updates

  12. Ron@Optimum

    Gelcoat restorer

    I would try paint thinner to remove the smearing. Did you use multiple coats of GCR - we recommend up to 4 and usually the additional layers even out the product?
  13. Ron@Optimum

    Gelcoat restorer

    not sure what you mean by "clean up"? Gel Coat Restorer can be removed with Prepsol or paint thinner, which if done carefully might remove smears. It can also be polished to remove swirls.
  14. Ron@Optimum

    Product Updates

    Optimum does not announce formula changes until all our stock is the new product. We can't control how other distributors manage inventory, but in general we wait until old inventory has flushed through the system. As mentioned, the reformulations were not considered changed enough to require "New Formula" labels.
  15. Lou, welcome to OPT - this forum has a nice balance of amateur and pro detailers that are true car enthusiasts!