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  1. I use ONR (or Opti-Clean) as a wipe down agent, then follow up with Protectant Plus (a light cleaner) for protection. ONR does not protect against UV or revitalize leather.
  2. Optimum Car Wash safe on Gloss coat

    Car Wash works well with Coated cars and shouldn't effect or interfere with normal beading behavior. M-Wash works even better and is formulated specifically for Coatings.
  3. Optimum Gloss coat lacks sheeting beading

    According to Yvan, Gloss-Coat requires no topper and any you use besides Hyper Seal can change/reduce the hydrophobic effect of the coating. I would still use Instant Detailer for spot cleaning (bugs, water spots, tar, etc) - unless you require absolute beading/sheeting?
  4. ONRWW and fabric soft top.

    I use a quality waffle weave - have found plush towels don't blot well.
  5. I'm not sure I can say that Fabric & Carpet Cleaner & Protectant is a replacement for a dedicated product like Scotchgard, since it does double duty. I've had it on my convertible top for 6+ weeks and it still beads water (though my Z3 is the ultimate Garage Queen). For heavy soil I spray, brush into the fibers, dry, then spray again and wipe. I would think that quarterly application would be sufficient.
  6. ONRWW and fabric soft top.

    My response above was before I acquired my "Lake Car", a 2001 BMW Z3. So now I have hands on experience with ONRWW on a convertible top and it works great! The amount of wax is minimal, has no effect on fabric, and is great for general interior maintenance as well. FYI, Carpet & Fabric Clean & Protect does an excellent job cleaning and leaving protection on my top.
  7. For heavy duty cleaning you can use Power Clean (I've cleaned carpets at 1:5 dilution). For normal maintenance I use Fabric Clean & Protect on carpets and my convertible top (it can be used at full concentration for heavy stains) - the benefit is the protection it leaves behind (fun to watch water bead on a convertible top).
  8. ?'s On 2nd Application Of Gloss Coat

    I don't have an answer for you, maybe Dann or Yvan will have something. One thing I've learned with Optimum, about cars AND coatings, is they are all unique. Even within a brand, different models and colors can respond differently.
  9. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Thanks Seabie, there are many helpful posters on this Forum - the rule of thumb for Gloss-Coat is a minimum of 1 hour after coating to get wet and 7 days before use soap. As Yvan suggests, you can use ONR for a light cleaning before 7 days.
  10. Why I Keep Coming Back to Optimum

    You will love that combination - Coating your care reduces the need for maintenance, but it's so easy (and looks so good), you'll keep messing with it!
  11. Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

    I have passed your concerns on to Optimum management.
  12. Opti Coat Pro + Care and Maintenance

    Love that shine...and that color!
  13. Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

    Have you discussed any of this with your installer? I can assure you Opti-Coat Pro is 9H and Optimum's statements are factual and backed by years of real life experience. You have not stated what your issues are, nor tried to contact us.
  14. Opti Coat Pro + Care and Maintenance

    "Cleaning" and "maintenance" are used interchangeably in the Optimum World. Opti-Coat/Optimum No Rinse are good on all vehicle surfaces (exterior and interior) - paint, metal, glass, rubber, vinyl, leather, fiberglass, etc. For bugs, pre-spray, and spot cleaning, mix ONR 1 oz to 16 oz of water in a spray bottle...
  15. Hi from IA

    Welcome to the OPT Forum - some great experience here and always willing to help!