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  1. That would work
  2. New Optimum user questions

    Welcome to Optimum - there's years of experience on this forum! ONR will not effect any coatings hydrophobic properties. Dilution ratios for ONR = 1 oz to 2 gallons normal wash, 2 oz to 1 gallon clay lube, 8 oz to 1 gallon for ;pre-spray/instant detailer, and 10 oz to 1 gallon for waterless wash. My dilution ratio for Power Clean (unofficial) = 100% PC for engines/heavy duty cleaning, 3 to 1 PC for bugs/tar/wheels, 5 to 1 for interior (and some even go 10 to 1). Opticoat products are tweaked to use on Coated cars - No Rinse is slicker with more gloss than traditional ONR, M Wash has greater cleaning properties, Tire Gel is not different (because you don't Coat tires). We don't test products on competitor Coatings but Opticoat No Rinse won't affect any Coatings performance.
  3. Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    yes, it's smart to clean the spray head periodically with hot water/dish detergent or Power Clean.
  4. Opt Powerclean Rinseless on Tires?

    we recommend rinsing Power Clean when used on glass, paint, plastic, etc. It does not need to be rinsed from tires and Tire Shine/Opti-Bond can be applied over it on rubber.
  5. Optimum Zentool Dual Action Polisher

    probably because there are different instructors - may be hard to believe but there is no single truth in detailing. I've watched Yvan LaCroix polish my car for an Opti-Coat Application at 3 on the Zentool, and another very accomplished installer (who teaches detailing) use speed do what works best for you. Optimum tries to give the best advice we can, but sometimes it's an average of different opinions.
  6. Compounding techniques

    I thought more experienced installers might jump in here, but it's a pretty open ended post. I'm not a professional detailer, but have compounded using Hyper Compound, an orange and the hyper wool pad. I was using a Zentool at speeds 3 & 4 . I've compounded a 1998 Camaro and the aluminum tubes of my pontoon. I was able to remove serious imperfections in the Camaro and followed up with Hyper Polish and a black pad. I removed oxidation and got a nice shine on the pontoon tubes.
  7. Opti-Coat Application Methods

    give it 48 hours and it'll look even better!
  8. actually OC has more lubricity - necessary to make up for the water you're not using, and more solvents. ONR can be mixed as a waterless but is less effective than the dedicated product. I consider OC as an instant detailer with greater cleaning power but less gloss enhancer.
  9. Opti clean as a drying aid?

    I'm not sure OC will even work as a drying aid - solvents get in the way. You want hydrophobic properties.
  10. How dirty

    I suggest by how much work it is...if you have to go back over or spend substantial time on 1 section to get it clean, then a bucket or power wash might be necessary.
  11. Applying OCW after car wash

    you can use OCW as a drying aid on a wet car with no problems, and it's safe on all exterior surfaces - paint, metal, glass, plastic, etc
  12. BRS

    Absolutely - will work great!
  13. Billy has it exactly right - the sponge picks up the dirt, not your drying towel. If you still have dirt before drying, go back over with the BRS. The advanced technology is more in the ONR than the sponge - while the cuts/crevices in the BRS do catch dirt, it's the encapsulation by ONR that is the magic. As for towels, there are edges and there are EDGES - cheap towels can have loose edges bound with cheap material that can mar.
  14. I think you'll be fine with the 5" Griots and 3" Meguiars plates.
  15. I store mine wet, ready to use, but others allow to dry with no problem. Make sure to clean it out periodically (Power Clean or dish detergent work for me), you'd be surprised how much dirt it retains.