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  1. OPC as a Microfiber Washing Detergent

    Yvan says you can add 1/4 cup of Power Clean to wash microfibers...learn something new every day!
  2. OPC as a Microfiber Washing Detergent

    I've never tried OPC as a detergent and will reach out to Yvan for feedback. Frankly, I use regular laundry detergent (I am not a pro detailer) and have never had any issue.
  3. 2 week old Black F-150

    I don't think RonW indicated his truck was Coated...your maintenance schedule still applies!
  4. New Black F150

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum! I wouldn't think a new truck should need clay (unless it sat on a lot next to a manufacturing plant for a long period). Decontamination with FerreX makes sense (and is safer). One pollutant new vehicles can pick up is rail dust and FerreX is excellent at removing. Your regimen with Opti-Seal and Wax should keep you well protected.
  5. I answered this via email, but we don't recommend drying without some chemical protection. Rain will not effect Opti-Coat Pro+ and will only spot if it mixes with minerals (dirt) on your paint. In a timely fashion you can use a leaf blower to remove the water. You can use instant detailer as a drying aid, but the less you mess with the coating for 7 days the better.
  6. Power Clean on Wheels with Gloss-Coat

    Power Clean will not remove Gloss-Coat, you are safe to use it on wheels, etc. Power Clean WILL strip wax, sealant, tar, etc.
  7. New Member from NorCal

    Welcome to all things Optimum - there some truly great posters here more than willing to help.
  8. You should get that, and if you use Hyper Seal as a drying aid every couple of months (spray on wet panel, then dry as usual), you will be protected all winter. Interesting phenomenon, ice and snow frequently slide off coated/sealed cars, the hydrophobic benefit.
  9. Gunner, you're right, we're hesitant to suggest durability due to variables. I would guess you'll make it until the new year with Hyper Seal.
  10. Heres my 2017 Tacoma

    Toyota vehicle design goes from boring to ultra modern in a flick of an eyelash...would never have guessed this beauty was a Tacoma!
  11. New Member from the Memphis area

    Welcome to the OPT Forum - That shine will improve as the Coating cures! You can get the best advice for maintenance right there in Memphis.
  12. Welcome to all things Optimum, Rick. No Optimum products contain petroleum distillates and are safe on all surfaces, paint, metal, glass, plastic, vinyl. rubber, etc.
  13. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    All Optimum/Opti-Coat products work on Coated cars, but as No Soap points out, the Opti-Coat line is tweaked for Coatings - some more than others.
  14. Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    The pre-spray/instant detailer ratio is 1 oz to 16 oz of water - works well on bugs, tar, heavy dirt buildup, etc. ONR is not as effective as a drying aid as Opti-Seal, Spray Wax, or Instant Detailer, but the pre-spray formula would be your best bet.
  15. How to remove Opti Seal?

    A thorough APC wash (Power Clean is excellent) should remove Opti-Seal.