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  1. Ron@Optimum

    ONR as tire dressing?

    depending on what you expect from a tire dressing - other than cleaning, I don't see any durability or much shine from ONR on tires.
  2. Ron@Optimum

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Opti-Seal is a safety factor but not necessary, it's only 7 days until you can wash your Coated car.
  3. I watched Scott early on and thought he made good points about the kinds of road pollutants you deal with. I took exception when he tested products, claiming to be unbiased, but always seemed to find fault with Optimum products. Wasn't surprised when he introduced his own line...
  4. Ron@Optimum

    To presoak or not presoak? ONRww

    I think it's a case by case situation. I always pre=spray (as opposed to pre-soak), hitting the bugs on front, wheels, tires, wheel wells, and rear before doing rinseless wash. Sometimes it's not necessary, but is a habit for me.
  5. Ron@Optimum

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum - you're right, a lot of helpful advice here! We recommend applying Gloss-Coat with the foam applicator, though some may have other advice. The other most common suggestion is the suede applicator. Opti-Seal is not Si02 (and neither are the other products you mention). In general,and not to be "homers", but IMO it's best to stay within the family for protection. All Optimum products have synergy, not all other manufacturers products perform as well in combination.
  6. Ron@Optimum

    Big Red Sponge

    there is no answer to this, it varies greatly. My first BRS was a prototype and I abused it, got 2 years from it. My second is 4 years old and is now a multipurpose sponge (junk jobs). My BGS (Big Gold Sponge) is 1 year old and good to go. A lot depends on how careful you are - early on I was careless and snagged the sponges, causing them to fall apart prematurely. The color has nothing to do with performance.
  7. Ron@Optimum

    Thank you

    What a great post...puts a smile on the face of even a OptiFanatic!
  8. I'm sure it's soap residue - suede is not fabric and the product is not meant to be used on it. Hopefully it will rinse out.
  9. Ron@Optimum

    Does ONR neutralize ph?

    ONR has a neutrl pH and we recommend using it to rinse Power Clean and FerreX, but A&J is correct in that you should use generous amounts of ONR AND water rinsing strong cleaners.
  10. Ron@Optimum

    Hi from Cornwall in the UK

    My quick detailer/pre-wash ratio is 1 oz to 16 oz of water. You can use the normal wash mix - 1:256 - but it won't have the same effectiveness on bugs, tar, heavy soil, etc.
  11. Ron@Optimum

    Different OPT CCR Question

    we recommend cleaning with Power Clean, polishing with Hyper Compound, and wiping down with Paint Prep before applying CCR - that will certainly remove any sealant. This can be done just before applying CCR. CCR will have an extended shelf life if unopened and kept refrigerated (freezer is better).
  12. Ron@Optimum

    Use of clay bar on Opti-Coat Pro+?

    shouldn't be, again use quality lube and don't press hard.
  13. Ron@Optimum

    qwaqreplwoiuakjcz joined the community

    as do we all - actually Optimum is doing OK through this BS (or is that CV?) and I'm getting questions from many newbies. Mostly fun to educate new OPT users (usually ONR) but lots of misinformation due to social media. How's life in the UK?