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    As stated in the SEMA broadcast, the Big Gold Sponge does not replace the BRS, but adds a softer, more dense version that coordinates with the Opti-Coat line of products. The bedliner has been reformulated into a single phase application to simplify the process. Optimum is always reviewing products to improve or increase ease of use. Toddj, thanks for the video links -

    There is no ETA on Big Gold Sponge, Bedliner, Rotary Wool Pad, Clay Towel/Mitt. New formula Poli-Seal and Compound ll are shipping now. I will update the Forum when the new products are in stock.

    SEMA is always an opportunity to present/announce new products. New for 2017 SEMA are: Optimum Clay Towel - redesigned for greater suppleness and durability Optimum Clay Mitt - greater convenience with a mesh backing and gentle clay action Opti-Coat Big Gold Sponge - softer and more dense construction Optimum Compound ll - greater correction (up to 1500), improved finishing Optimum Poli-Seal - improved durability and water repel, easier wipe off, more environmentally friendly, reduced product separation Optimum Rotary Wool Pads (6" and 8") - interface backing, improved cooling, fewer pressure spots, smoother action Optimum Ultimate Bedliner - revised into a 1 step application
  4. Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    A new formula Poli-Seal was announced this week at SEMA. The new product provides greater durability, correction, and is less susceptible to separation. It is available now...
  5. Opti Eraser

    Erase shouldn't require "breaking in", just make sure to use lube. You use Eraser just like clay bar and ONR at lube ratio (2 oz to 1 gallon) or Wax make great lubricants. I've really liked Yvan's suggestion to use Wax, a nice slick lube. Suggestions after use: *Inspect Opti-Eraser after each section and rinse as needed *When too much contamination is present to wash clean, switch to a clean side or replace your Opti-Eraser *Do NOT soak in liquid *Do NOT squeeze or wring out *Do NOT store flat on media surfaces (use sides) *Do NOT store wet in air tight container
  6. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Optimum recommends applying at 40 degrees or above.
  7. Ocw

    Optimum generally recommends a low application temperature of 40 degrees.
  8. Opti-Coat Maintenance Line

    Yes, Opti-Coat NR can be mixed at the same ratio as regular NR - 1 oz to 16 oz of water - for a pre-spray/quick detailer.
  9. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Over time strong all purpose cleaners with erode Gloss-Coat but you should still get a year or more durability.
  10. Gloss-Coat Water contact angle ?

    You might try Opt-Seal or Spray Wax to see if they increase the hydrophobic properties.
  11. Applying OCW after car wash

    If by OWC you mean Spray Wax, yes it makes an excellent drying aid.
  12. ONR Wash and Shine

    No Rinse Wash & Wax contains carnauba and should have no effect on nano coatings properties.
  13. Sorry for the delay, we've had web issues. For bugs/tar, Power Clean is a strong cleaner and Instant Detailer will remove as well (just not as fast). You can use Opti-Seal for every wash with no issues, or periodically. Used as a drying aid (#5 of your wash process) is an easy way to apply. I put ONR in my rinse bucket to help dissolve dirt on the BRS (or whatever media you use). Your process looks excellent to me and should result in a spectacular vehicle! As for Garry Dean method, I've never used it but find no fault with it. It seems a little overkill to me, but has it's supporters.
  14. Opti seal over wax ?

    Dags, sorry for the delay, we had web site issues. Yes you can apply Opti-Seal over Wax or Wax over Opti-Seal. Seal will migrate through wax to the painted surface.
  15. Car wash vs no rinse

    Andrew, Car Wash is a traditional cleaner requiring a hose to wet the car, then to rinse it off after washing. No Rinse only requires a bucket of water, no hose, and therefore can be used year around and in a garage.