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  1. New Member- New Coating

    You can use Hyper Seal 12 hours after OCP application - and wash the vehicle with soap 7 days after...
  2. Opti coat No wash Sign?

    They are supplied to OCP Pro Installers - you might ask Chasaty if they can be purchased (
  3. Ferrex and Opti-Coat Pro

    FerreX will not remove or reduce Opti-Coat Pro and makes a terrific decontaminant.
  4. New Member- New Coating

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum. Optimum suggests not getting Opti-Coat Pro wet for 12 hours, so you should be good. The hydrophobic characteristics should be in force. I suggest you contact the pro installer and ask them to review the issue.
  5. New Member from Australia

    Welcome to the OPT Forum, Ed, we have a growing and very active international presence.
  6. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    we've only tested Maguiars, but Mother's should work as well.
  7. Are there "refresher" sprays for opticoat pro+

    for normal decontamination, spray on and let dwell should be all that's necessary.
  8. BRS Storage and Care

    I store the BRS in a covered bucket with ONR solution (about half way) and with my clay towel draped over - keeps the sponge and towel moist but not soaked. Occasionally I add to or replace the solution - I go by feel and smell, there's no timetable for frequency, assume it's dependent on bacteria growth.
  9. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    Kristian, I've answered by email, but MDR is the less aggressive water spot remover (Optimum always goes from least aggressive to most in suggestions). If the Maguiars Wheel Cleaner is acid, it should work.
  10. Alternative methods

    It is indeed a small world! If using Optimum compounds/polishes, an ONR wash is all that's necessary before Coating.
  11. Alternative methods

    Optimum created Paint Prep to replace IPA in coating installations. IPA works but is less effective for this purpose than Paint Prep, FYI.
  12. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    Great - credit goes to Dann Williams who did the original experimentation to find a water spot solution.
  13. Onr in washer fluid

    I've used it successfully, but only as an additive - you still need traditional fluid to avoid freezing.
  14. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    spray on, let dwell for a minute or 2, wash off with lot's of water.
  15. Optiseal

    Opti-Seal can be used on vinyl, interior and exterior -