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  1. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    all Optimum Coatings gain depth and shine as they cure - 48 hours after application the look should improve. I believe you can apply Hyper Seal over Opti-Seal (Optimum has not tested) but agree there is minimal change in shine...overkill.
  2. After Paint Guard....

    Opti-Coat products are formulated to be more effective on Coated cars.
  3. I use Opti-Bond at full strength and a dedicated sponge - that way it's always available for touch ups. Not sure there's a good way to clean something used on tires sufficiently.
  4. Power Clean would be my first suggestion as well - and clay as an alternative.
  5. How to fix a scratch on Opticoat Pro+?

    if you polish the scratch you will be removing the Coating - installers will do spot repairs and there should be no effect on the warranty if the original detailer does it. You could polish yourself and apply Gloss-Coat but that would negate your warranty.
  6. How to fix a scratch on Opticoat Pro+?

    funny to see Dann listed as "new to the Forum" - while not active on the OPT Forum, Dann is anything but new to Optimum. A past pro installer, Regional Manager, and current VP of Business Development, Dann is as knowledgeable as anyone could hope for and a welcome voice here!
  7. Opti-Coat M-Wash and Foam Cannon

    yes, you attach the M-Wash bottle to the foam cannon and set the dilution ratio - the product is diluted.
  8. ONRWW and fabric soft top.

    I use a brush to scrub and microfiber towel for general wiping and to dry - not the sponge
  9. Opti-Coat M-Wash and Foam Cannon

    the foam cannon ratio is the same - .5 oz to 1 gallon of water. You can store the remainder but not indefinitely - depending on the water quality (distilled water is best) and bacteria introduced by equipment, the mixture can become funky (chemical term) and need to be replaced.
  10. Gloss coat on wheels barrels?

    Opti-Coat Pro installers frequently offer to coat drums, calipers, etc as an up charge.

    Optimum has formulated a new Heavy Clay Towel but it has not shipped yet and there's no ETA.
  12. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    As a counterpoint, I was hung up on by a new ONR user last week who insisted it was impossible to wash a car mar free without a hose/suds, and this in spite of having JUST DONE SO. He called BS on my insistence of the magic of polymer encapsulation and guaranteed his paint was swirled, even though he couldn't see it. Because I disagreed with him (the customer is always right?) and couldn't see his reasoning, he hung up. His loss...
  13. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    It's fun being someone who's watched the metamorphosis of Coatings - from the original Opti-Guard to 2.0 to Opti-Coat Pro or Gloss-Coat - and now see the community of users experiment and assist each other discover how easy it is! I talk to new customers daily and from the miracle of ONR to the high tech benefits of Coatings (all of them - paint, glass, metal, leather, fabric, trim) it's incredibly rewarding. Look at that gorgeous glowing Kia - who would have thought it possible?
  14. Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    Agree that it's unlikely a dealer used a pro product and Optimum recommends against using Opti-Glass on interior of windshields. If no chemical will remove it a cleaner wax (GPS, Poli-Seal, etc) should take it off.
  15. Opti lens yellow liquid?

    The plasticizer (don't ask what the is, a chemical term) in some syringes can turn some Coatings yellow - it does not effect the product. You are good to go -