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  1. and we appreciate it!
  2. Ron@Optimum

    Big Red Sponge

    there is no answer to this, it varies greatly. My first BRS was a prototype and I abused it, got 2 years from it. My second is 4 years old and is now a multipurpose sponge (junk jobs). My BGS (Big Gold Sponge) is 1 year old and good to go. A lot depends on how careful you are - early on I was careless and snagged the sponges, causing them to fall apart prematurely. The color has nothing to do with performance.
  3. Ron@Optimum

    Thank you

    What a great post...puts a smile on the face of even a OptiFanatic!
  4. I'm sure it's soap residue - suede is not fabric and the product is not meant to be used on it. Hopefully it will rinse out.
  5. Ron@Optimum

    Does ONR neutralize ph?

    ONR has a neutrl pH and we recommend using it to rinse Power Clean and FerreX, but A&J is correct in that you should use generous amounts of ONR AND water rinsing strong cleaners.
  6. Ron@Optimum

    Hi from Cornwall in the UK

    My quick detailer/pre-wash ratio is 1 oz to 16 oz of water. You can use the normal wash mix - 1:256 - but it won't have the same effectiveness on bugs, tar, heavy soil, etc.
  7. Ron@Optimum

    Different OPT CCR Question

    we recommend cleaning with Power Clean, polishing with Hyper Compound, and wiping down with Paint Prep before applying CCR - that will certainly remove any sealant. This can be done just before applying CCR. CCR will have an extended shelf life if unopened and kept refrigerated (freezer is better).
  8. Ron@Optimum

    Use of clay bar on Opti-Coat Pro+?

    shouldn't be, again use quality lube and don't press hard.
  9. Ron@Optimum

    qwaqreplwoiuakjcz joined the community

    as do we all - actually Optimum is doing OK through this BS (or is that CV?) and I'm getting questions from many newbies. Mostly fun to educate new OPT users (usually ONR) but lots of misinformation due to social media. How's life in the UK?
  10. Ron@Optimum

    Hi from Cornwall in the UK

    not here, but there might be videos on youtube. The wash media (sponge, mitt, towel) are rarely discussed. It's not really complicated... I meant keep your wash media clean.
  11. Ron@Optimum

    Claying car coated with Opti-Coat Pro+

    Mutant is right, decontamination can be done too often and strong chemicals like FerreX may be overused.
  12. Ron@Optimum

    Hi from Cornwall in the UK

    No worries Mate (sorry, that's Australian) - the BRS is great but you will have success with a quality mitt as well. Just keep it clean
  13. Ron@Optimum

    qwaqreplwoiuakjcz joined the community

    I approve (and delete) new member requests and never saw this's possible someone else OPT approved.
  14. Ron@Optimum

    Bird Bomb Etching

    FYI, water spots are mineral residue after the fluid evaporates and can take chemicals to remove. Water stains can be cleaned off as well, but on ceramic coated paint, UV can "heal" the stains. We have numerous stories of bird bombs, water spots, and other stains disappearing from coated surfaces after time in the sun.
  15. Ron@Optimum

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    Exactly right, Kid, when I use ONR and the BRS, I slosh on lots of solution, give it a wipe, then dry. With, OC you're using much less solution and wiping/drying in one action - not getting the same volume of product to absorb the dirt. For a dirty car it requires (1) more sprays and time wiping, or (2) going back over to catch dirt missed the first pass. OC has to be stronger because you're using much less water that also acts as a lubricant/cleaner.
  16. Ron@Optimum

    ONR Blue vs ONR Yellow

    because it was specifically formulated for superior performance on ceramic coating (why it's named Opti-Coat).
  17. Ron@Optimum

    M wash

    M Wash is formulated as a traditional car wash specially for Coated cars. It suds well, cleans well, and leaves a very slick finish - the product feels like hand lotion.
  18. Ron@Optimum

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    no, Opti-Clean is not too strong to use all the time and I just used it today to clean pollen off my Garage Queen. My only issue with OC is that for an average dirty car I have to go slower, use more product, or go back over vs slopping ONR on/drying. I don't see any time savings...
  19. Ron@Optimum

    Use of clay bar on Opti-Coat Pro+?

    you can clay OCP+ but use a good lube (we recommend spray wax). I find a clay towel or mitt is more gentle than the bars.
  20. Ron@Optimum

    Is there an Opti-Coat Pro patent?

    That's an excellent question and I don't have an answer. According to Dr G, it's really difficult to reverse engineer products and it maybe that no one has figured out the exact chemistry of Opti-Coat Pro. It's taken years for anyone to come close to Opti-Seal...
  21. ONR can work in a foam gun...but does not foam - better choices from Optimum are Car Wash, Power Clean, MDR.
  22. Yes, MDR can be used in a foamer/sprayer
  23. this decontamination should not effect your Gloss-Coat...if done occasionally. There are some strong chemicals involved and if overused, they will reduce the Coating over time. It should actually return the shine and hydrophobic if they've become muted.
  24. Nathan, depending on how often you wash your car, using Power Clean every time might be overkill. For a periodic chemical decontamination, FerreX and MDR are good products to remove additional pollutants. You can clay OCP+ but be careful not to mar (you can't polish coatings) - I think clay towels are most the gentle choice and if you contact Optimum directly (901-363-4955) they may still have the towels in inventory. You can use ONR at clay lube ratio (2 oz to 1 gallon) or spray wax, a very safe method. I'm attaching information on chemical decontamination: DECONTAMINATION: Pre-Wash with ONR MDR at 1:3. Safe to use around glass and trim. Can be sprayed over the ONR surface. Let dwell for 3-5 mins. Do not let dry. Agitate if heavily contaminated by using a microfiber towel (plush towel/long nap) that has been soaked in the ONR bucket. Go around the entire vehicle with the towel on the ONR/MDR surface mix. Do not place the towel back into the ONR bucket. Power Clean at 1:3. Keep it off glass. Let it dwell for a couple minutes. Agitate with a microfiber towel soaked in ONR. Do not put towel back into ONR bucket. Rinse. Rinse with hose water. FerreX. Can agitate with ONR damp microfiber Rinse. Final Rinse. Also attaching a clay towel youtube video:
  25. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Tire Coating Problem

    and thank you for bringing it to my attention...easy to miss things