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    ONR Blue vs ONR Yellow

    yes, the yellow ONR (Opti-Coat) can be used in all the ways the blue ONR (Optimum) can be used. The Opti-Coat version is superior on Coated cars.
  2. Setec, the 1 oz per gallon is for extremely hard water...per Dr G
  3. water spots are a problem for ceramic coatings because the water beads - as Setec states, it's always a good idea to dry the car quickly and if not possible use ONR or Instant Detailer to wipe down before the spots bake on. For very hard water, we recommend a stronger ratio of ONR (your 2 oz for 5 gallons is light anyway) - 1 oz to 1 gallon unless you follow the advice to use DI water. As for slickness, it's relative, hard to compare, and dependent on many variables. Honestly, professional detailers avoid touching paint (most use gloves) and shudder when customers do...FYI.
  4. a couple quick observations - unless you off road, live on a dirt road, or deal with sand/chemicals for snow removal, I don't see the need to ever rinse your cars with a hose. I have not done a traditional hose wash since I met ONR. Also, I would think the Hot Wheels is a pretty caustic cleaner for regular use. Power Clean is safer with lots of other uses. I'll let others comment on the non Optimum products mentioned. FerreX is safe on both coated and uncoated cars and is for occasional use, particularly for decontamination or when brake dust is a problem. ONR will soften hard water, but it's always good to use DI when available.
  5. Ron@Optimum

    Safely Remove Swirls

    any polish will risk your coating - you can try a light polish by hand, but no guarantees.
  6. Ron@Optimum

    What is Paint Guard™ made of?

    All 3 professional Optimum Coatings are listed on Carfax. Paint Guard has a 3 year written warranty.
  7. Ron@Optimum

    Show me whatcha got

    will need some time to assemble....after raking!
  8. Ron@Optimum

    Show me whatcha got

    A&J, I'd need a wide angle lens....but I work for the company!
  9. Ron@Optimum

    Gloss Coat Maintenance Routine?

    regular wash with ONR (I personally never use Car Wash, but that's your choice). FerreX, Power Clean, MDR are "as needed" products and useful for decontamination (annual is likely enough, but depends on drive/road conditions). If you want an LSP (last step protection), I recommend Opti-Coat Hyper Seal, an easy to use sealant designed for ceramic coatings to be more durable than traditional wax/seal.
  10. if slightly dirty, rinse in ONR is good. Periodically rinse in Power Clean OR dish detergent to dissolve dirt caught up in the creases.
  11. you should look at Gloss-Coat - an easy to use ceramic coating with 2 - 3 year durability...and inexpensive too.
  12. Ron@Optimum

    What *can't* you use ONR for?

    ONR is not a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser, but it's safe on all surfaces. We keep a sprayer under the kitchen counter, in bathrooms, in the garage, and on the pontoon. It works on counter tops, stainless steel, glass and even takes light stains out of carpet.
  13. No such thing as stupid questions, Justin. Yes you can use the tire brush on rims, etc. Depending on how dirty your wheels get, you can increase the strength of ONR to pre-spray level (1 oz to 16 oz of water) or consider Power Clean, an all purpose cleaner. Nothing we recommend will damage your ceramic coating. One strong product recommendation is Opti-Coat Hyper Seal. It's a slick, glossy, and durable sealant formulated for Coatings.
  14. Ron@Optimum

    Where does MDR fall in a coating prep workflow?

    your work flow looks right - you can use iron remover (at least FerreX) as your clay lube. I would rinse the MDR before polishing.
  15. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Gloss-Coat should have similar hydrophobic characteristics as the Pro products. Yes, you can apply Opti-Seal 1 hour after Coating.
  16. Ron@Optimum

    Opti-Glass Coating Maintenance?

    we recommend using Opti-Glass Clean & Protect because it has some of the same chemical components as Opti-Glass Coating and refreshes the application. I will add that slickness is not a characteristic of Opti-Glass, it's formulated for superhydrophobics and chip resistance.
  17. Ron@Optimum

    most effective method of applying power clean

    I've never used Power Clean in a foamer, but have tried every ratio. How strong the mix is dependent on how big the job. For really nasty wheels I spray 100% PC, for lessor jobs I've gone 50/50 or 1:3. Videos of Yvan using with a foamer on his bus are quite impressive, for what it's worth.
  18. Ron@Optimum

    Cleaning a foam pad of Gloss Coat

    clean the pad immediately in hot water and Power Clean (or dish detergent) - squeeze out until it stops foaming and let dry.
  19. Ron@Optimum

    Swirls prevention

    I always pre-spray with ONR mixed 1 oz to 16 oz of water...and sometimes just use that mix as a waterless wash. I find the pre-spray starts dissolving bugs, tar, heavy dirt buildup and simplifies the actual wash.
  20. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review

    lots of good methodology and technique here -
  21. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review

    you can also try mineral spirits with a medium stiff brush. Another cause of peeling and discoloration is applying too much product.
  22. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review

    Try Optimum TAR Remover (Tar/Adhesive/Rubber) - it might take multiple applications, TPC is tough stuff. I've had a number of people with similar stories - application on 1 set of tires worked great, but another had issues. It appears silicone in the rubber, if not totally removed through thorough and repeated cleanings, leaches out and interferes with TPC bonding.
  23. Ron@Optimum

    Does ONR freeze as easy as water?

    if ONR dries on the paint, just dampen a microfiber and it should wipe off easily.
  24. Ron@Optimum

    What is Paint Guard™ made of?

    Gloss-Coat is an SiC/SiO2 hybrid, Paint Guard is SiC only - Paint Guard is a 3 year product and harder/more chemically resistant than Gloss-Coat. The hierarchy of OPT ceramic coatings is Gloss-Coat - Paint Guard - Opti-Coat Pro - Opti-Coat Pro Plus.
  25. Ron@Optimum

    Howdy from Oxnard, California! :)

    Welcome to the Optimum Party!