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  1. Optiseal right after gloss coat application

    Dale, welcome to the Optimum Forum! Humidity causes Coatings to cure, and high humidity should speed the process. You may be OK with your Opti-Seal application if the Gloss-Coat was surface cured and the same for condensation. The only way to know is to wait several weeks for the Opti-Seal to vacate, then spray your car with water to see if it beads. If it does, odds are you're protected.
  2. I think I got some high spots

    If you're happy with the paint you can decontaminate (Paint Prep) and Coat.
  3. I think I got some high spots

    That sounds about right - seems like the average car takes 7 - 8 mls, give or take a bit.
  4. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    I stand corrected, traditional process was to add Opti-Seal over Coatings 1 hour later. Hyper Seal being a different animal, Optimum recommends waiting 12 hours because it can effect curing.

    The Big Gold Sponge is the latest entry in the Opti-Coat line of products. The Big Gold Sponge is oversized at 7”x 5”x 3” for greater ease of use. The latest in sponge technology, both sides of the sponge are cross cut, creating channels that pull dirt from the paint and reduce marring. Softer than the traditional wash medium, the luxurious foam will hold a great deal of cleaning/lubricating solution allowing larger sections to be safely washed before wringing and reloading the sponge. This high quality Big Gold Sponge will provide years of heavy duty professional use. As compared to the Optimum Big Red Sponge, the BGS is both softer and more dense - a totally new composition. It's available only at the online store.
  6. I think I got some high spots

    heat AND humidity cause curing - hard to avoid in Australia right now as I've seen you're having record temperatures. I'd be glad to share our sub freezing with you for a while! Doing small sections until you get handle on flash time should work.
  7. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    In fact, that's Optimum's recommended method - use Hyper Seal 1 hour after coating for protection during the curing phase.
  8. Maintenance Products

    Either No Rinse works equally well and ONR with Wax doesn't cause any interior issues. I agree that Opti-Clean is the stronger cleaner, but my methodology is to use drying towels after finishing the exterior (still damp with ONR) to wipe down the interior - using what I have.
  9. I think I got some high spots

    Jasol, welcome to the Optimum Forum! I'm guessing you're right about the heat - high heat causes Coatings to flash and cure much faster. There are several possible solutions - an easy one is to add another layer of Gloss-Coat to even high spots. Another is to try a cleaner wax lightly by hand to see if you can reduce them. Since you can layer Gloss-Coat, it shouldn't be necessary to polish an entire panel. EVERYTHING is more visible on black! As you've found, light is not an absolute solution - things become visible in various lighting scenarios - sometimes twilight shows imperfections better than a spotlight. The best recommendation I can make is to do very small sections until you get a sense of how fast the Coat is flashing - you will save time in the long run
  10. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    Joel, welcome to all things Optimum! Both Opti-Seal & Hyper Seal are excellent on Gloss-Coat. Hyper Seal is a new product specifically formulated to work with Coatings and provides more gloss/slickness and durability in my experience.
  11. Maintenance Products

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum! We do not recommend Glass Clean & Protect on interior glass. Yes, Protectant Plus is safe for leather and vinyl interiors and does not leave a shiny or sticky surface. You can safely use No Rinse on all interior surfaces as well, including glass.
  12. ONR Popsicle!!! And Car Wash Jello.

    Pretty Red Car!
  13. Opti Coat Pro + after washing

    who says black isn't beautiful? As A&J states (and demonstrates), Opti-Bond has a matte finish with decent durability even in a Canadian winter.
  14. Hyper Polish/Gloss with Llumar

    Gordon, you can perform all the same prep on protection film and coat it as well. Gloss-Coat is excellent on film and provides the same protection as on clear coat.
  15. Optimum MDR

    MDR is perfectly safe on Gloss-Coat and will remove some of the pollutants that might otherwise require clay. It is a great part of an overall decontamination protocol.
  16. UV protection?

    If by OC you mean Opti-Coat, then yes, its provides UV protection. All Optimum coatings protect against UV as it's one of the most damaging elements to paint. Optimum Spray Wax contains patented UV protection and states it, but due legal restrictions very few products can advertise that feature. Instant Detailer does protect against UV by reflecting sun rays away from the car.
  17. It is possible to apply too thin a coat, but easy to add a second layer. I've been told that while not increasing durability, a second coat amps up the shine.
  18. Daily Driver gets some shine

    As you consider new products in the Optimum line, feel free to ask questions from the "experts" on this Forum...and there are many!
  19. Yes, Paint Prep will remove Opti-Seal and any other wax or residue. Opti-Coat Pro IS harder and more durable than Gloss-Coat, but no coating can protect against scratching. I'm frequently asked how much protection do coatings really provide and it's impossible to answer - define "scratch" or marring/swirling". As Guz states, the best a coating can promise is to reduce the accidental marring caused by improper washing/drying methods.
  20. First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    The glass recommendation is due to wiper abrasion, so durability is not the same as paint. Additional coats do not increase durability, but ensure complete coverage, can even high spots, and add sheen (so I've been told).
  21. Opti-Gloss Coat Question

    Welcome to the Optimum Forum - the FerreX/Paint Prep should be sufficient to remove the sealant. Polish only if necessary to remove marring that can occur with clay.
  22. Brad, no basic cleaners will degrade Gloss-Coat. That includes Power Clean, FerreX, MDR, even strong acid based wheel cleaners like Maguiars Hot Chrome (just make sure to wipe all the above off with an ONR damp microfiber).
  23. First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    As A&J states, if you think you missed a spot, just clean and apply again. The amount of Gloss-Coat used is on the light side but if you didn't coat glass or wheels, your should be good. By the way, you should coat the windows and wheels - wipers will polish Gloss-Coat off the front windshield but the others are good and you'll find your wheels are so much easier to clean after coating.
  24. Checking in from Florida

    Without OCD customers, Optimum would not exist - welcome to the OPT Forum!
  25. Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    A&J has given excellent advice. Optimum has learned that Opti-Glass cures very quickly and it's good to go back over almost immediately. Cool, dry weather might slow the cure, but it's still a good idea to lever quickly.