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    Tire Protection and Coating 8 oz 00812779025494 - $15.99 32 oz 00812779025500 - $49.99 Optimum Tire Protection & Coating is a long lasting water based tire shine and protectant. Applied to a clean surface it will give you an easy to clean, good looking tire for months. Accelerate into the future without sling, oils, or silicone. Easy to use. Long lasting. Environmentally friendly.
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    we recommend waiting 4 hours after application before driving - and 30-60 minutes between coatings. Cleaning with IPA hours after application probably did not give the chemical resistance time to cure.
  3. Ron@Optimum

    Driveway Staining Help

    As A&J says, looks like the dirt from tires that collected after you Power Cleaned them. You can try Opti-Clean with a brush or Power Clean. I think a power washer would work as well.
  4. Ron@Optimum

    Hyper Polish Sprayer Issue

    that is the correct spray head. Hyper Polish (and Hyper Compound) are thick products and requires special sprayers (probably why there are no other comparable spray products). First, make sure the product is well mixed, it can congeal into lumps in the bottle). Second, take the spray head off, soak in Power Clean or dish detergent, and rinse thoroughly to make sure there's no blockage.
  5. Ron@Optimum

    Greetings from Utah

    welcome to all things Optimum! While we don't recommend using anything with solvents (soap) for 7 days, you can try No Rinse on the bugs. Let the mixture dwell for some time and rub as lightly as possible. Another option is Optimum Instant Detailer - same deal, spray, let dwell, then wipe gently. The good news is the bug guts should not etch your paint due to Opti-Coat Pro+.
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    General Questions

    I'm easily confused...
  7. Ron@Optimum

    General Questions

    I would suspect you're fine with the coated wheels - 90 days seemed excessive and 30 was probably good. I wouldn't suggest polishing anything. The reason we don't recommend glass coatings for interior window is due to the hydrophobic characteristics will cause moisture to fog the glass. Window cleaners without sealant/coatings are fine to clean interior glass.
  8. Ron@Optimum

    Hello from San Francisco

    welcome to Optimum - that's a beautiful color!
  9. Ron@Optimum

    Question about chemical decon order

    We don't recommend applying Power Clean over FerreX - the products have different purposes and should be rinsed off before another product is applied. Also using either/both products every 2 weeks is overkill and might adversely effect your Coating. Decontamination is usually a once a year operation.
  10. Ron@Optimum

    Instant detailer

    Instant Detailer is a light cleaner and great gloss enhancer. I would not consider it replacement for Wax - on the positive side, it will clean and is a drying aid, but it's not nearly as durable.
  11. Ron@Optimum

    Cloth car cover

    You should really look into protecting your car if it's outside 24/7 - Opti-Seal or Spray Wax at a minimum and I would really recommend Gloss-Coat. That's a ceramic coating, easy to apply, harder than clear coat, with UV protection and 2 year's like a (safer) car cover.
  12. Ron@Optimum

    Cloth car cover

    In general, Ron, car covers like silicone blades are not recommended. I have a neighbor who covers his Ferrari and I shudder to see it. Maybe today's covers are "gentle" enough, but it's hard to see how dragging any fabric across your paint won't mar it.
  13. Ron@Optimum

    Tire Products

    There is no Optimum Tire Bond. There are Optimum Tire Shine (a spray on product), Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel (a wipe on gel), Opti-Coat Tire Gel (similar to Opti-Bond, but sold under the Opti-Coat label), and Optimum Tire Protection & Coating (a long term tire treatment - 6+ months).
  14. Opti-Seal CAN be used as a base coat, or can be used after Car Wax. Opti-Seal in no way interferes with the UV protection from Wax, whether used before or after.
  15. Ron@Optimum

    Maintenance Routine for Opti-Coat Pro Plus

    Opti-Coat No Rinse and Hyper Seal are safe on your coating AND Xpel. You can mix the No Rinse into a quick detailer, 1 oz to 16 oz of water. Hyper Seal is a true sealant with no cleaner power, so not appropriate as an instant detailer. Another option is Optimum Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer. M-Wash is a traditional hose wash product and Power Clean is an all purpose cleaner, effective on tar, brake dust, bugs, etc, but not as a maintenance product. Use of FerreX depends on how much brake dust you create, but every 6 months to 1 year should be sufficient. You can use No Rinse and Hyper Seal as often as you wish with no negative effects.
  16. Ron@Optimum

    New from WV

    Welcome to the Optimum Family - lot's of tech help for detailers here
  17. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    could be, not all products play well together.
  18. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    I've never had "spots" either, though CW will streak when applied too heavily or in bright sunlight. Sometimes the bottles will form chunks, but they always reconstitute when shaken. You didn't mention what you wash with, is it possible the Wax is interacting with something on your paint?
  19. Ron@Optimum

    Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    No problem, my first Optimum business card said Marketing Director, which was an inside joke between David and I since there was NO marketing budget.
  20. Ron@Optimum

    Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    FYI, Optimum doesn't have a Marketing Dept. There is no real answer to your question - I have Hyper products now that are 4+ years old and still good. I've had customers with Hyper products that became a lumpy mess at 2 years. Dr G states the shelf life of compounds/polishes is 1 - 2 years and that's what we cover...
  21. Ron@Optimum

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    it can add sheen (hard to define) and we recommend testing in a small spot. In general people like the look of Gloss-Coat on matte/satin, but that's individual taste.
  22. Ron@Optimum

    Detailing out side in this heat

    suggest you do smaller sections to avoid products drying (though MDR/FerreX will wipe up easily with ONR). Gloss-Coat will cure more quickly in high heat/humidity, so do small sections and go over within minutes.
  23. Ron@Optimum


    Welcome to the Optimum Forum, Dale, lots of talented amateurs here!
  24. The Opti-Coat line was developed to provide pro installers with their own label, not available from Amazon or other distributors. The products are formulated to work best on ceramic coated vehicles.
  25. Ron@Optimum

    Big Red Sponge

    Great feedback -