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  1. ONRWW and fabric soft top.

    Sure, no problems at all using ONWW or ONRWS. The only downside is using grout sponge on the whole car will fall apart more easily because of abrasion from cleaning the fabric soft top.
  2. ONRWW and fabric soft top.

    Hi Ron, Thanks so much for the info, sure I'll test it before washing the entire top. Kind regards, Juan Antonio
  3. Does anyone regularly washes his convertible with ONRWW? Any downsides or negative effects over the fabric soft top? Kind regards, Juan antonio
  4. 6 month old opticoated wash and wax with video

    Awesome pictures!
  5. Your way to apply.

    Thanks Chris, good clarification.
  6. Your way to apply.

    Has anyone tried applying via DA like Wolf's Hard Body in this video?. It seems so easy if possible....
  7. Poli-Seal as paint cleanser

    Thanks to both, I'm sure I will achieve good results as always with Optimum products. Best regards from the not-so-sunny-now Spain.
  8. Poli-Seal as paint cleanser

    Thanks Charles, very much appreciated info. Any chance of inducing marring applying PS by hand with orange side of this German Polish applicator you could think of?. Best regards form Spain.
  9. Poli-Seal as paint cleanser

    Hi all! I was thinking about using PS as a paint cleanser before sealing the car with Opti-Seal: is it worth it?. I will be applying it by hand as I don't have access to DA and don't expect any correction, just want to clean the paint. If so, what applicator to use?, any good advise previous to use?. Best regards from Spain
  10. OS and OCW on repainted bonnet

    Hi Anthony, It's perfect, just all I needed to know. Thanks for your helpful time. Best regards, Juan Antonio
  11. OS and OCW on repainted bonnet

    Dr. G, anyone?. Please, I need the info from a trusted source. Thanks again. Juan Antonio
  12. OS and OCW on repainted bonnet

    Hi all, I've had my car's heavily scratched bonnet repainted and was wondering how much time do I have to allow the paint "dry" until putting any coat of Opti-Seal or OCW. I've been advised to wait for a month until I wax or seal it, is this the same with Opti-Seal or OCW?. Thanks in advance. Juan Antonio.
  13. Opti-Seal over glass and tims

    Thank you very much Anthony, I suppose I will end applying opti-seal over all the outside of the car, including windows ans plastic trims. Regards, Juan Antonio
  14. Opti-Seal over glass and tims

    Hello all, One more question about opti-seal application over plastic trims. I'm planning to condition those non painted black plastic trims with CG New Look Trim Gel. Would it be possible / would you recommend putting a coat of Opti-Seal over the Trim Gel once cured (one hour)?. Does it add any protection or it's ok to leave the CG product alone?. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Juan Antonio.
  15. Opti-Seal over glass and tims

    Thanks for the info. It's a great help for me. Regards, Juan antonio.