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    Impressed with Optimum spray wax

    so it's been two days since I put the OSW on and like I said, I have a new black car so it's hard to tell the difference but as I rubbed my hand across the car today I felt the waxed layer ontop, it felt really nice and yes I'm impressed. Is it possible to over-use the OSW, such as doing it again my next wash since it rained today. Thanks in advance.
  2. how much pressure should be added when using the machines? I'm assuming light pressure...

    Impressed with Optimum spray wax

    I used the spray wax today for the first time and I honestly can't tell a huge difference since I have a brand new black car but I was curious as to how much I should spray on certain panels. For the hood I did 3 lines across the hood, and the doors I did 2 lines, should I use more or less. when I mean lines I mean spray lines. I have a 4 door sedan
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the whole car detailing scene and I just got a black 09 Maxima. I just purchased ONR and the OW spray. As of now I just plan on using the ONR to clean the vehicle then spray the wax on after. I want to get into polishing the vehicle, there are currently some light scratches on the car from my previous improper washing techniques so I would like to correct those as well as keep the car maintained and clean. I was interested in buying a polisher machine and I've heard about the PC7424 for around $100 on ebay but I saw some polishers at homedepot and lowes that were more affordable, should I stay away from these or what are your opinions on these. And lastly, I read that there are many types of pads to use and I don't know what the difference is with them, what should I use? Again I'm new with polishing and have never used a machine so keep that in mind and try to use simplistic language as I am not used to detailing lingo yet, thanks in advance guys. Also any extra info would be great or products that you think I should try. The main thing I just want to do to my vehicle is keep it clean and correct the light scratches that it currently has. http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores...90401&Nty=1 http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=prod...mp;Ntt=polisher