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  1. michakaveli


    Don't see why not.
  2. michakaveli

    OC Application

    WOW.... I have a feeling you are using too much product. I use maybe 4-5 drops to prime. I don't use the "X" pattern either.
  3. michakaveli

    OC Application

    What is your application method? Applicator.... how many drops on the applicator?
  4. michakaveli

    Opti-Coat question

    Bump... Good question Chad I would imagine the same would go for the applicator(s) as well?
  5. michakaveli

    Optimum POwer Clean

    I'm a big fan of OPC, especially on tires like Bunky stated. OPC has been the only APC that I have tried to date. When washing my vehicles, I spritz each tire to be worked with OPC full strength, and within 10-20 seconds a brown residue is already flowing to the ground. Hit it with a tire brush, rinse, and all clean. I've found OPC to be rather expensive per gallon, as compared to other products, but so far it has worked really well, and I will continue to use it.
  6. michakaveli

    My day at Detailfest!

    I know it's a late reply, but I also met with Dr. G @ Detail Fest and was impressed at his professionalism and knowledge of products other than Optimum and how they compare.
  7. michakaveli

    Steam Machine