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  1. If you burned through the clear coat or paint and start to see the primer underneath, you must repaint. No way around it and it does suck.
  2. OCW in the ONR Bucket Followed by OS

    Thank you cptzippy...
  3. Brushes and ONR

    Thank you guys!!!
  4. OCW in the ONR Bucket Followed by OS

    How much OCW do you mix in with your ONR wash?
  5. Brushes and ONR

    Where can one get wheel woolies? I hate the spray back I get from my wheel brushes. Thanks...
  6. New Stuff for your wheels!

    Is the Optimum Power Clean that is going to be debuting at AG at DFIII, the wheel cleaner that this thread is about? If so how well does it work compared to ARO and how much can you dilute it and still be an effective cleaner?
  7. Well, I've been banned from Autopia

    I can't stand the mods on DC they seem like a bunch of D***** bags!!!
  8. Congrats from Exceldetail

    Hey Patrick, good to see you!!!
  9. davidb pricey new line

    Could someone please explain the picture to me, I am always wanting to have a good laugh?
  10. davidb pricey new line

    Thats his problem he is only able to get to the eleventh step!!!
  11. Newbus Maximus

    Hey Scooby, welcome to the board and you came to the right place for tips and tricks on using the Optimum line. The first time I used Optimum, I got not so hot results but, after reading the posts on this forum I found out I was using to much polish and not working the product long enough. So the next time I used it on my truck I was blown away on how capable the OP was and got the results I was expecting. So please post and tell what problems you have so that the experts on this board like Anthony and Ron can help you out.
  12. Well, I've been banned from Autopia

    Ban Him, Anthony (LOL)!!! For making me read such a long post (just joking CrobarCars and please keep posting it's what makes this forum).
  13. Versatool

    If you use the PC all day like I have on my truck your arms will let you know about later that night. When I did my buddy's porsche it wasn't bad but, I like my rotary because it speeds things up and doesn't wear you out as bad. For the price and for what it can do with a PC I say you can't go wrong with it especially if you are only using the PC on your own vehicles. I bet on autopia ther will be a bunch of PC's for sale when the UDM comes out and you could get a PC for a good price.
  14. Versatool

    Do you have to use that company's pads or can you buy other pads? I own a PC and it works well for small jobs or final polishing and you can get it from coastal tools for like 110 dollars shipped. That to me would be the better route and also they are used by many detailers that get good results with them.
  15. Versatool

    Looks like a cheap cyclo knock off, I would save my money and buy the real thing. My luck with cheap tools is that they don't work well and don't last. I always end up buying the name brand and have few problems with better results.