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  1. Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    Detailed Image mentions a new and improved Poli-Seal on their "Ask a Pro" blog.
  2. Opt Powerclean Rinseless on Tires?

    Thank you.
  3. In the How to: Wheel & Tire Care video on this page, it appears that Powerclean is not rinsed from the tires, just wiped off. Is this correct? Does Tire Shine neutralize Powerclean? Everything I have read about Powerclean says it needs to be rinsed. If not, this would be great for in the garage rinseless washes.
  4. Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    Ron? Yvan? Anyone? Surely someone on here has been testing it.
  5. Newbie

    Welcome. This forum can be a little quiet sometimes, but very informative.
  6. New member from Maryland

    Welcome from the cornfields of Harford County
  7. Optimum Prep Wipe?

    Any other SEMA announcements you can share?
  8. From Ottawa

  9. GPS 50/50s

    wow...GPS doesn't stand for Great Polish and Sealant... Be cool if it did, 'cuz it is.
  10. SEMA 2014 Predictions

    I've heard others describe the scent as fresh and clean also, just doesn't work for me. I use it all around the house too.
  11. SEMA 2014 Predictions

    Better smelling Opti-Clean. I have messed around with using it on the interior which is the only place product smell matters to me.
  12. SEMA 2014 Predictions

    A consumer version of Opti-Coat Fabric & Leather. Not a prediction, just a hoped for.
  13. Hello from the top of MD

    Welcome from Harford County.
  14. ONR degrades all waxes?

    Anything that is left on the surface has the potential to alter the look. But that does not mean the wax itself has been degraded. I have not noticed a change using ONR on top of the Dodo Juice SNH on my wife's car.