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  1. In the How to: Wheel & Tire Care video on this page, it appears that Powerclean is not rinsed from the tires, just wiped off. Is this correct? Does Tire Shine neutralize Powerclean? Everything I have read about Powerclean says it needs to be rinsed. If not, this would be great for in the garage rinseless washes.
  2. Nutbread

    SEMA 2018

    Is tire coat considered a professional rather than consumer product? I can find it on the Opti-Coat website, but not optimumcarcaredotcom.
  3. Nutbread

    Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    Detailed Image mentions a new and improved Poli-Seal on their "Ask a Pro" blog.
  4. Nutbread

    Opt Powerclean Rinseless on Tires?

    Thank you.
  5. Nutbread

    Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

    Ron? Yvan? Anyone? Surely someone on here has been testing it.
  6. Nutbread


    Welcome. This forum can be a little quiet sometimes, but very informative.
  7. Nutbread

    New member from Maryland

    Welcome from the cornfields of Harford County
  8. Nutbread

    Optimum Prep Wipe?

    Any other SEMA announcements you can share?
  9. Nutbread

    From Ottawa

  10. Nutbread

    GPS 50/50s

    wow...GPS doesn't stand for Great Polish and Sealant... Be cool if it did, 'cuz it is.
  11. Nutbread

    SEMA 2014 Predictions

    I've heard others describe the scent as fresh and clean also, just doesn't work for me. I use it all around the house too.
  12. Nutbread

    SEMA 2014 Predictions

    Better smelling Opti-Clean. I have messed around with using it on the interior which is the only place product smell matters to me.
  13. Nutbread

    SEMA 2014 Predictions

    A consumer version of Opti-Coat Fabric & Leather. Not a prediction, just a hoped for.
  14. Nutbread

    Hello from the top of MD

    Welcome from Harford County.
  15. Nutbread

    ONR degrades all waxes?

    Anything that is left on the surface has the potential to alter the look. But that does not mean the wax itself has been degraded. I have not noticed a change using ONR on top of the Dodo Juice SNH on my wife's car.
  16. Nutbread


    I use the towel as the applicator. Just spray the towel then apply to paint, flip the towel and buff. I have never used an applicator but I see no reason why it wouldn't work. If nothing else it will reinforce the idea that you are applying a wax (which OCW is) and not a detail spray with some wax in it (which it is not).
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    Hi from Australia

  18. Nutbread

    Hello from Central IL (Peoria to be exact)

    Welcome, from a former Central Illinoisian. (sp?) The sprawling metropolis of Carlock to be precise.
  19. I don't plan on polishing the roof of my SUV before applying OC. Can I go straight to OC after claying or is there an intermediate step I should take? Will be using ONR as clay lube.
  20. Nutbread

    Not Polishing before Opti-Coat Application

    Because it is a large SUV that will be a PITA to polish. And unless Manute Bol moves in next door no one will see it, which makes for a low return on my labor investment. As long as it is protected I'm good.
  21. Nutbread

    Opticoat leather

  22. Nutbread

    Opticoat leather

    Found this on Optimum Australian website.
  23. Nutbread

    2 Years of only ONR washing

    That's no good. Where's all the purdy swirly thingys that look so sparkly in the sun? j/k. Looks great, and a real testament to ONR and your skill.
  24. Nutbread

    New Formula Opti-Clean

    The product page for Opti-Clean on the Autogeek website says new formula, better cleaning and more gloss. Has there been a change?